What’s your take on power through fear

As shallow as it sounds, I’d rather be well liked than feared. In my experience, when people are afraid of you, they’ll take action against you. But if people like you, they’ll take action for you. They’ll protect you, care about you, and over all willingly do good things for you. I’ve noticed when people are popular enough, they actually seem to get away with tons of shit.

The left path has taught me that people are motivated by self interest. Even if most people are afraid of you, the one who isn’t can rally others against you. So, if you want to get people to do anything, they need to agree with you.

I come from the perspective of someone used to being called weird while seeing the well liked people.


I would rather be loved than feared, but if I can’t be loved I will accept their fear.


Only if they want something from you.

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Power through fear only lasts until someone more powerful comes along.

There’s always someone more powerful.

Power through cooperation with competent people gets you much further in life.

But to each their own, i guess.


What is wiser:

Having a blackbelt in martial arts and keeping this to yourself or having a yellow belt and confront everyone with your amazing fighting skills?

What I mean is: if people think they should fear you, they will form a team and beat you.


Even better to have a solid brown belt and be surrounded by other black belts who respect your fighting ability.

Roll with a crew like that and you’ll rarely if ever be challenged.

The baddest badasses rarely roll alone and never need to prove themselves, reputation does that for them

Teamwork makes the dream work


Love is a myth.

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Love is a scientifically proven chemical reaction. You’re just salty.

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Emotions do that. Can you think of a love you have for anybody that isn’t conditional and motivated by self-interest? Is there someone you just love because they are a human being?

To quote myself, because I love saying smart stuff and then quoting it in relevant discussions.

"Be loved by your allies, respected by peers, and feared by your enemies".

That is the rule of thumb I work with, some people will not love or respect you no matter what you try to do, so it is better to just making sure that they know that there will be consequences if they ever cross you.

This is politics, and I am a fan of politics, being a man of royal inclinations, but so many politicians today are people that should serve rather than be served.

I respect all of you as my peers, and I ask in exchange that you respect me, and that is how we can coexist.

Building your image on fear is just edgy and dumb.


I love myself unconditionally :slight_smile:


Everything you do is motivated by self-interest, and yet, people can feel love.
It is just power play, and if you are aware of it, then you can form much more healthy bonds.


My friends, wife, and children? My friends and wife specifically who’s company I enjoy just because they are a joy to be around.

Stop trying to be edgey.


Quiet, you scoundrel!

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Trying? I’m the sharpest tool in the shed. I’ll put an eye out.

Love is not real. Everyone is enamored by those chemicals because of fear of loss, abandonment, lonliness. Is it still love if it’s rooted in fear?

Note: @davethebarbarian is always starting shit.


Love for all will get you eaten alive, and fear for all will get you killed.

It’s not about fear or love… it’s about why-when and how you use them. Sometimes fear is the best to use with some people, for specific purposes. Other times, love is the best for different people or even the same people for different goals.

People hate to hear that because it makes them think more, and most people do their best not to think and just put labels on things… love for all or fear for all. Life doesn’t work that way. That would work great in comic books or religious stories, movie or children’s books. Not in real life, if you want to get the best from it.

You’re right, people are always motivated by self interest. That’s natural and should be expected. Anything else is a lie or fantasy.

But not all of them react the same way to the same motivations or emotions. We’re not robots. Each person is different. Sometimes a group of people may have similar reaction if you push the right buttons… but in general, we are all different individuals. When dealing with people, it’s important to remember that and use the right emotional motives with the right personalities that would give the reaction we need. That’s how I see it.


Denying that love exist is not a very sharp thing to do, as it is one of the most powerful emotions.

Love is a deeply rooted emotion that motivate things to happen, and can prompt extremely powerful reactions.

Denying love is a classical edgy move when you don’t understand the emotion or what it does.

Unconditional love, however, is a myth, much like altruism.

I am literally in the boat that say that all emotions are based on self-interest, it is just that you say that waves don’t exist.


Agreed on all points.

The legendary Spanish conquistador Hernando Núñez de Valvida (La Serpiente Negra) wrote, in his diary entry of April 20, 1521 (a day he allegedly slaughtered two hundred Aztecs), “La gloria es un millón ojos asustados,” roughly translated as, “Glory is a million frightened eyes.”

The people saying being loved trumps being feared often have no experience with the latter, IMO.