What’s up?

Hey I’m Michael, like the arch-angel, lol nah he probably wouldn’t mind me sayin that though. Im glad I found this site, it’s crucial to learn from others with similar paths as my own. I hope to gain more knowledge and guidance on my path, and I hope to make some friends with others like myself. Thanks for havin me here.

I practice magik, meditation, psychic awareness, telepathy, hypnotism… shit like that. Some of my interests are animals, cars, music, history and writing and I’m very adventurous with big goals. Currently I am physically a soldier in the U.S Army, my guides don’t like that much and I suppose it’s quite a pain doing what I need to spiritually like this. Never sign a contract if you don’t know what you’re really gettin into lol


Welcome to the forum! I would never be a good recruit in the army because I have strong values and anyone in authority can go to hell if they try to change me. I can be a stubborn asshole and if I think I’m right i’m going to stick to my guns even if it doesn’t turn out very well. This tends to surprise people that encounter it, because I’m usually a very passive and friendly person. All it takes is one press of the wrong button.

So, good on you for putting yourself on the line for America, because I wouldn’t be able to do that.

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I’m a warrior at heart so it’s not a terrible place of work for now. Let’s be honest America has more than enough defense now adays, it’s about a lot more than that. Meditating here is funny though, I’m about to meditate rn in my Stryker fighting vehicle while I await to load it up on a train🙄

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