What’s the point of this forum?

I’ve had 20 of my comments flagged and removed?

What exactly is the point of this forum?

Can someone send me the rules of this section of the site so i can see what I’m doing wrong?

It seems my comments are being attacked by power hungry weirdos.

What opinions are allowed? Is there is a dictionary of words I can’t say?

How should I format my sentence so it’s approved?

What words are banned?

Wtf is going on?

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Yes there are a few words which cannot be used because of things which have occurred, posts containing them will be needed to be approved by mods before they are publicly visible.


@godandmyright click on the blue text in onions reply above mine. It will take you directly to the forum rules page.

And for the record I haven’t seen any of the posts you are complaining got deleted, but I’m sure if you read the rules on the linked page you’ll figure out why it happened and if not you can ask a moderator to explain about the whys of the deletion of a specific post if you haven’t asked or they haven’t provided the reason as of this moment in time.

Note that I say specific post not all of them. It’s easier to get answers when you ask them about a specific individual occurrence.

From personal experience I know it hurts to not know why so read the rules and if you still can’t figure why ask a mod they can look into and answer why a specific thread got deleted even if it was a different moderator that removed the post.


If you’ve has 20 comments flagged and removed maybe you should read the rules.
The point, I believe, is to share experiences with magick and learn from each other.
The rules are literally pinned on the forum.
Maybe if you followed the rules your comments wouldn’t be “attacked.”
Among other things, non-political opinions are allowed and yes there are words you can’t say–the system will let you know in that case.
Nothing to do with formatting, you’re probably breaking rules.
The system will tell you, as I said.
You’re probably breaking rules is wtf is going on.


No you are probably making irrelevant, rude or threatening comments or even spam and so the mods have to step in. I’ve been on this forum for a year or so and never had this problem and the mods are quite chilled compared to other forums. If it was 1 or 2 posts I’d give you the benefit of the doubt but that many come on…

Discussing Magick in a civilized manner.

I’d advise you look into those banned posts and comments and warnings and see what you’re doing wrong and work on it.


Ive got a few issues at the top of my head, and when I go into a frenzy, Ive had several posts removed or been warned. It used to be that admins or mods would just send a pm first to let you know they had to revise it or delete it.
It happens to many of us.
But, following the rules, and being open to feedback is helpful.

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Wanna know the rules on my website? “Your picture and account name will be shown with posting”

Besides that it’s free and open discord.

They say this is a forum but it’s nothing but a dictatorship who molds your thoughts and opinions and does not allow free discussion of thought and severely limits the physical and mental stats of magic limiting this forum to nothing but summoning spirits who can help people win the lottery.

A very sad thing to see and does not feed into “become a living god”

It is the same thing im seeing in their support section of their site, just a brushing off of someone who paid them 300$

We get that you’re upset, I get that you’re upset. However, a reason for the frenzy of moderation besides usual trolls, is things that occur in the news. Mention a word and you get a warning. We on BALG, we in the LHP are not welcomed by everyone, so we also have our “enemies” if we can call them that.
So, try reaching a moderator to reach Timothy, since Timothy runs the site, and maybe he can get to the bottom of Lisa.

How do I find him, I just want my course working, I couldn’t care less about this forum section.

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Here is Timothys info based on his avatar:
Keep in mind its a Holiday weekend, so you may not receive a response within the next couple days.
Unless they are receiving calls/emails.

Any now the search begins for the savor of balg

Dude I’ve been on forums like that a BALG is not one of them. If mods and members correct you it’s for your own good and all paths have been welcome here.


No one cares, I’m fixing my online course and leaving.

Y’all can summon spirits for weight loss and winning the lottery without me.

The only course I bought is the soul travel course.

Y’all are like 5 years behind me.

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Oh no. My precious self-esteem.

Bruh, stop throwing a tantrum. Everyone gets flagged from time to time because things get a bit overboard in the heat of the moment or because its breaking the rules of this forum. It happens. To me, to you, to that dude over there. Move on.



Y’all only think your evil like me, you have no idea.

Ive actually been thinking about moving onward to AP and ST. I want to rebuild my astral temple, and work on manifestation and structuring. How is the course, of what you were able to watch?

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The course is great when it works and im actually upset it’s not working and would rather not refund it, and e.a is great aswell but these minions running this company sucking the life force out of it is kinda appalling.

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True. I think everybody is on edge about recent events in the news and out in the globe, so the mods have been kind of harsh. Keep in mind there are other forums out there as we all know, and we all want to protect our own kingdom and expand our territory. Nothing wrong with that, but the business world can be cut-throat style at times with mergers and acquisitions and all that. Then there are the folks monitoring us all and all their regulations on companies, particularly social media and online forums. Remember the rise and fall of usenet? Every civilization has its rise and fall, we all want ours to live on forever though, right? They’ll fix the issue for you, it could be a software bug for all we know. Seriously, all the best to you and hope it works itself out somehow. I have to go to work, have a great day otherwise,

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