What’s the most sinister, dark form of Black Magick?

I don’t know why. But my soul keeps telling me to work with the most sinister, dark entities in existence.

I don’t know why.

So, i started wondering: what are the most sinister, dark entities, and currents ever?

I have been told that the most sinister is necromancy. I have also wondered about Thai black Magick and Chinese black Magick Gong Tau.

I was wondering if anybody knows about these arts. Or know of any very sinister, dark currents.



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The most sinister entity is kind of up to you. Because you can consider an entity sinister af but to someone else they’re cute and cuddly.


Who’s that?

I understand. It’s more to do with how you perceive it.

Why don’t you find out who that is

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Ok, i’ll do that. Thanks! :sweat_smile::grimacing:

I did some googling, but couldn’t find anything. I’ll keep digging.

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Research… Research and research some more…

Don’t take the dive unless you are SURE!

Cannot emphasize that more… This is not a dick measuring contest mate… Be sure


Thank you! I respect that. I understand what you mean.

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This! I think we are all guilty of making our favorites fluffy.


It’s from Don Juan. It’s not an answer to your question OP it’s just someone trying to look cryptic for the sake of it. :slight_smile:

The darkness comes from you, it’s what you bring to your workings that matters. What is dark for you might not be dark for someone else.

Most people agree “darkness” involves baneful magick, trying to impose your will on the unwilling, death curses, that sort of thing. Try Baneful Magick or Works of Darkness by E A Koetting for a good overview that touches on a few currents, then follow on with what you are the most drawn to.

Since you are new, I recommend looking into the darkness in yourself by doing something like a Shadow Tarot pathworking, or pathworking the Qlipphoth. If you do not know yourself really well launching into advanced workings can trip you up and bind you into madness through your own shadows - you need to learn to understand and control them, not be led by the nose by them.

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Not what I meant lol. I meant to some for example King Paimon is this scary or powerhouse being, but to some he’s this average individual. “most dark and sinister” is basically like that because to one an entity can feel intense but to another that entity feels average.

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Wow, thank you!!! :blush:

I really appreciate your help and guidance. I’ll look into the Shadow Tarot pathworking.

By the way: what do you think about working with Sigils?

Just drawing on to paper and working with them?

Do you think it’s a good idea for a beginner?

I did some working with paimon and clauneck. I’m not sure :thinking: if it worked, but i did feel the spirit within.