What’s the most profound/interesting experience you’ve had during ritual evocation?

I’m only curious because I know some of yall have had some wild shit happen, good and bad.

evocation of sastaan
i litted a pot with fire i called him the energy was intense
it was defenetly demonic,one the physical fire extiguised i saw weird purple red spheres just floating then
oh then
A FUCKING PURPLE-RED FIRE RISED AGAIN it was no physical fire but instead spiritual it just fucking rised out of nowhere

aslo that plasma the spiritual fire that rised after the physical one was fucking HUGE!
then it collapsed into an orb then it was orbiting me then it got into my 3 eye!

it was amazing!


this was moments and seconds before that crazy thing happened!

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Wow the before and after really puts it in perspective that’s wild i’m not even savvy to that particular demon

drew baal sigil n dropped it. That shit just disappeared.

Belials face in the scry mirror and in the smoke, and his hands as well.
I posted those pics here in another section.
But yes that was the most vivid I’ve had