What’s the most powerful thing EA Koetting has done?

Crowley has mind fucked innocents walking on the road, Using a kabbalistic mantra he made a man fall down unconscious, and with his scary gaze he’s read and controlled minds

Not to compare occultists or anything but I’m genuinely curious. What powerful type shit has EA done with actual results?

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Mysteries by Colin Wilson

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Created a platform to share his UPG and convinced enough people to buy his gnosis that he is able to make a living off of it. In today’s world, that is power.

And I am not saying he’s a charlatan or anything like that. I find EAs work to be very useful. But when it comes down to it, look at what he has built and tell me that’s not real power?


Much things had been said about him, but if you read a regular biography of him (I read “Do What Thou Wilt: A Life of Aleister Crowley” by Lawrence Sutin, which is recommended by the OTO) and you study Thelema, it will be easy for you to figure out what powers did he have


I think unless clear instructions given and tested, always hold a critism to claims even if EA himself answers in this thread, its a healthy thing, sorry for party pooping, I am out. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL! Can’t argue with that! That’s sadhgurus real siddhi lmao

I was just hoping he had some genuine power…

Realistically , we can never know what Crowley did , because we weren’t alive when he was , and as to what EA does , it’s nothing special , the only difference with him is he’s a practitioner trying to make a dollar from his spiritual knowledge .


E.A. build this sales funnel we are all in.

he had a child and made a living for them both that’s real power :triumph:


Yea that’s definitely why I’m here

Seems to be all that’s happened.

That’s something that only he and those really close around him can say.


He has many stories of dispatching unsavoury characters in his work.

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Its arguable we are the power behind EA.


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Define “genuine power”…

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By that means technically yes because those who buy and follow him are also giving him energy but that’s only by that single point of view.