What’s happening with my family?

Hey, I hope someone can help me, because my whole family is ill. Everything started about 7 Years ago. My family was: My mother, my grandmother, my grand aunt, my grand uncle, my aunt and my cat.

7 years ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with colonic cancer. She undergoes surgery. Even here her wounds didn’t want to heal. After this, we treated her with bitter apricot kernel and could fight the cancer for 2 Years. After this time, the cancer came back. She had a chemotherapy, but the cancer continued to grow. Finally she died in the hospital.

About a month later, my grand uncle felt down and broke his hip. The surgery was Ok, but he wasn’t able to walk any longer and is now bound to bed. He has great pain and has to take painkillers.

About 2,5 Years ago my mother got a Hodgkin Lymphoma. This is normally a treatable cancer. First of all, we tried everything possible in the alternative medicine. Bitter apricot kernel, Natron / Baking Soda with maple syrup, MMS, even Cannabis Oil (I talk about the Rick Simpson Oil with THC). Nothing helped. Than she went to the Oncologist. The first Chemo killed almost the cancer, but 3 Month later it was back. She than had 6 cycles of a more hard Chemotherapy but after the 6th cycle the cancer again came back. The third option is a antibody therapy, she is currently in the second cycle of 6. Like the first Chemo therapies, it worked in the beginning, but yesterday she said, that she is feeling, that it is starting to grow again on the left side of her neck, that was clean after first Chemo.

Nearly at the same time (also 2,5 Years ago) my grand aunt got dementia, that is now progressing with a speed of light.

My aunt got some kind of… well the MD call them psychological problems. First of all, her teeth were hurting. After the dentist extracted nearly all of them, the pain transferred into a burning. Then she started to hear some voices. She screamed that she fears something, that some one is taking her away. 1,5 Years ago sometimes she started to scream a word or a sentence over and over again. For hours. Even drugs like benzodiazepine didn’t help. The MD said on one day, that with this dose of benzodiazepine even an elephant will be sleeping, but she was still awake.

At the End of December 2018 she got worse. She almost stopped talking, become incontinent. And on Tuesday this week she wasn’t even able to stand or to hold her head upright. Currently she is in the hospital. The MDs scanned her whole body. They just found some change in her womb but nothing that can cause this.

And finally my cat died on 13th January this year. From one day to another she couldn’t walk anymore. Two days she was laying on the couch and on the third day, she died.

Currently I doubt, that this chain of events has a natural cause. What can it be? How can I find it out? Am I the next in the chain? Sorry, but I’m new with magic, I’m just starting. What can I do?!?

Did you move in that time? Break up with any friends or family not mentioned? Anger any coworkers or get promoted? Buy anything around the time it started that you still have?

What was the word your aunt was saying and what was she afraid of taking her away?
Did you or anyone else that you know of attempt to summon any spirits during that time or just nearby? Did you visit any odd locations before this all started?

Sounds to me like someone either sent a spirit after you or your family drew the attention of one possibly from a cursed object or location if no one sent one at you. Another possibility is a summoning went bad nearby and a malicious entity got out of control and latched on.

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Sounds like your family was cursed with a generational Death Curse

It normally comes from way back to your grandma’s parents. They couldve did something right or wrong to a sorcerer, or a person that was too butthurt, and gotten cursed.

This typically sounds like something in ATR magic such as Palo, Santeria, or especially Haitian Vodoun.

I would suggest taking a black candle and lighting it, while calling upon the Darkness.

There are varying ways to do this which range from
Light a candle, say a incantation.

Sacrifice blood, say an incantation

Blood, Urine, Sweat, Tears, Semen (or pussy juice)

After you call the Darkness, command that any curse cast upon you or your families at any point in time be broken. Period.

Close the rite


You can get the Veve of Met Kalfu and open it and he can draw the curse out into the crossroads.

Or call upon the 9 Demonic Kings

Or call Upon Ahriman and Az-Jehi

Or the Dark Gods of the O9A

Or your spirit Animals

Or Angels

Or Lucifer

Or Satan

Or any being you choose


Make sure you cleanse the place you and your family lives in afterwards

Use a bowl of water with salt in it.
Consecrate it and sprinkle it through the place commanding any parastes or wandering spirits or any residue of the curse to leave


Thank you for your answer. The question is, when did everything started. At the time of the first diagnosis of my grandmother? Because even her cancer had to grow.

I can’t tell you if everything started before or after I bought a property with a house. For a year we rent this house to a group of students. Then we broke the house and built a new one. This is the house we are currently living in. One thing I can tell you for sure is that at the time we started to break the old house down, my grandmother was diagnosed that her cancer is back.

In the whole time I had no bad breakups in any kind of relationships. I’m self employed. The whole time I work for nearly the same people. But I can’t tell you the same for my mother. She is also self employed, but as a music teacher. And she had some times problems with the students or the parents. I know that most of her students / parents were from families with Baptist Background.

One thing I’d like to mention, because this might be relevant… It was at the beginning of the second Chemo Therapy. I was sitting with my mother in the hospital and suddenly her cellphone rang. It was the father of a former student of her. I know, that they had a fight about a year or so ago. He wanted to excuse himself for the fight. This left some kind of a bitter feeling. As if he was worried…. You know what I mean….

About my aunt. It was not one time, that she repeated words or sentences over and over again. It started about one a week and at the peak it was 2-3 times a day. The words or sentences were different. Sometimes it was just a “No”, a “Sorry”, sometimes she was calling the name of my grandmother, sometimes she was swearing. Sometimes she told me, that some doctors want to take her away. Sometimes she was worried about someone standing on the other side of the street that he or she is going to hurt her.

Neither me nor anyone else did anything magical at this time. We didn’t call any spirits or something else. About 6 years ago, before the house, we had flats in a housing complex. So we were surrounded by many people. But I wouldn’t say that anyone was obvious a mage. But no one can know.

One little thing. In the housing complex we lived for about 6 years. During this time 4 Neighbors died. And in the street of the house I think at least 5 people died during the last 3 years. But I can’t say that this was some kind of not normal, because all of them were old.

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Alright how old was the house before you tore it down. Houses and other residences tend to trap energy inside their structure and sometimes that forms spirits even that if the house is destroyed or damaged will release that energy or anger those spirits. Could be even the house had some beneficial spirits attached that were harmed and angered by tearing down the old structure. That is what is most popping out to my mind and is more likely if the house was of significant age and had been lived in either a long time or by many previous residents.

Definitely seems like an entity and not a curse from this it is entirely possible it is a form of possession causing these problems. Also when directed and charged cancer can grow extremely rapidly from magical causes far more rapidly past the initial stages than common medical science would say it can. The reverse is also true though I have no experience treating it. I would recommend you learn and practice the LBRP twice a day throughout the house to banish any spirits. Also placing salt and iron powder along window seals and door jams and charge them with the banishing ritual as wards.

If you are not quite experienced with magick then I definitely recommend you pull up preferably an angelic spirit such as Archangel Michael comes to mind. I would also make an offering to any spirits that you may have inadvertently angered asking to appease them and reestablish peace between them and your family and to send a sign of how you can resolve these issues if they are willing and do so in the presence of the angel you call or one of its familiars so they can act as a go between.


What a coincidence! I just finished to read about the LBRP today and planed to start with it tomorrow. I even wrote it in my magic diary.

I have no idea how old the house actually was. Some one says that it was built in the 1920, other said it was built in 1940.

Thank you for your help, I’m going to do it.

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Honestly dude, sometimes family just die. You should get a reading done before performing any spells for sure though. As of now, you’re just ghost hunting, and might make yourself crazy looking for shit. Hire somebody.

That definitely seems old enough to be applicable. If you can get this resolved though I still recommend some form of banishing or purification daily. It is a good habit to get into for general purpose reasons. Might want to look into some works on Qi Gong and Feng Shui as well when you get the chance.