What ritual or magick has worked for you to get laid?

Hi Magi,

I want to know what rituals or magickal working have worked for you to get laid with that damn hot chick :wink: (a particular girl/woman). I want to know your personal real life experiences with any type of magickal working e.g. candle magick/ evokation/ mantras or any other types.

No offence but dont tell me to dress nicely, shave, clean clothes etc etc :stuck_out_tongue: I know that stuff ;-).

Thanks in advance.



Magickal Seduction: Attract Love, Sex and Passion With Ancient Secrets and Words of Power by. *Damon Brand I did only half the ritual as in I did not finish it like I was supposed for 7 days made it to 3 what to know why… Because I was getting so much tail no lie! But I did do it on a full moon the effects last for weeks I got a girlfriend now…


Mind saying which words of power part,? I use tis a Black cloth square, semen a red candle cinamon lavanda y a nother sweet herb dedicated to eros light candle put cloth in triangle. And put girls foto in middle, its a binding. I did it 3 times. 2 in the same chick. And she still bind we are friends. But always say ilove you in front everyone.

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