What protection seals or banishment for ?!

does someone know this sentence: nothing in your reality can manifest itself without your convincing or your belief.
don’t be afraid of mistakes or that you will get the opposite.
I never work with protective seals or salt or chalk or or or …
before I start to work magically, I say out loud in an arrogant voice, nothing can enter my life like a thief that has connected with me for the time being, if I feel bad I say loudly, you are not good enough for me, disappear into the Shadow you wipe.
he ultimate saying I express when I fail, get out of my reality, this is my life, you are wrong here, go and do it quickly. but everyone can work as they want, I don’t need the nonsense.


If you are trying or want to manifest something into reality, it won’t happen if you don’t believe it will happen. Your doubt, your disbelief, your uncertainty will cause blocks that will prevent your manifestations.

Example: You want money, you need money…you perform a ritual or call on a spirit or use the law of attraction, whatever your chosen method to bring a desire into reality. If you don’t believe the money will come, if you don’t live like the money is already yours, if you have doubts that the money will somehow, someway make it’s way into your life, then your desired result won’t manifest, or the blocks created by your doubt will slow down the manifestation.

I hope that made sense…


I would go further, and share what I was taught decades ago:
“Do not hope, believe, pray or think it’s real, KNOW it’s real. Without a doubt. And it is.”

Belief and faith are not enough, faith can get shaky. Know it’s real like you know 2 and 2 make 4.

Caveat: you share a world with billions of other mages also all making thier reality, this is where it gets tricky and your knowing has to be able to override thier knowing, if there’s a conflict. There’s other considerations as well, but this is a whole other conversation.