What? (personal, it's to let off steam)

Hello people, I need an advice… or opinion. My partner was interested in magic, spirituality and esotericism to protect himself because two of his exs made him a curse and he and his parents had a very bad time, in fact I made him a smoke cleanse twice in his old house and his new house.

In February I made a spell with him, invented by me, to protect our relationship because there was a lot of bad vibe from others toward us… thanks to that the intensity of that bad energy fell, we took it with humor that “it seemed like a lighting would fall upon us”. Months ago, I cast a spell to protect him directly; it is with an amulet, which he has in his bedroom.

He looked interested in potions, elixirs, runes, sigils and contacting demons for knowledge… Things I was going to teach him, I was very excited about having him as a partner in these things and that someone understood my taste in these things, I started on these things to protect those I love because I also suffered curses years ago with my parents…

Days ago, he said that these things now “went against his principles”; I told him I understood his decision but in a few days, I felt… Sad about it?

I told a friend and he told me not to feel selfish or sad, that I saw my boyfriend as my partner in these things. ” he may be afraid or is temporary thinking”, my friend also finds him attitude weird.

Yesterday with my boyfriend, we talked about trust issues and so, he made me understand at a time that he was afraid that I would make him a curse or report him for some false accusations online since two of his partners acted the same… (Virtual denunciations I mean that his exs invented things about him being innocent).

I did not force him to like these things, he said he “wanted to learn” but he did not do much on his side either.

I was sad a few days, my friend said I might have taken it as a love disappointment, but I think “love disappointment,” sounds exaggerated. What do you think? I had an ex years ago that when he realized my tastes (without telling him, it was because he found something about Buddhism teachings and practice written in a notebook in my room) he laughed at me all the time… at least my current boyfriend isn’t like that.

I worry that he behaves upset and I am surprised that now… he is
afraid of me?.

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I don’t think he knows how he feels personally

With current events, it may be a lot of change for him, too. I would say take it easy, work on yourself and same with him. Maybe some counseling?

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Thank you, I will continue to work on myself (healing things and personal development) and open my mind about the spiritual and social, I have been in it for a few months and from what I understand he is on the same thing… I think the same thing you’re saying"

I forget to say that he had a nightmare that if we analyzed, is insecurities and feeling empty… he said to me " I don’t know what I’m missing".

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Keep doing you, he will see you are not the same as them. You may have a struggle ahead convincing him. But if you feel he is worth it you will do it and he will see and understand the truth. Trust in eachother.

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Definitely do you.

I can’t pretend like I know how he feels, but I could take a guess and say that he has some resentments from the previous relationships and he’s trying to bring it into this one.

Thing is, is he really should not do that because 1) you’re not them. 2) it just sours the relationship.

Give it some time. You know in your heart if he’s worth it. If you know him well you already know the outcome.

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Last friday he asked me to formalize the relationship (after half a year). He spent three days at my house and we had a great time, I bought him a pizza and he was happy lol. We talked about my insecurities and he said he prefers me to another woman (we’ve talked about types of women we don’t like), he is finding me more mature and emotionally healthy lately (I have depression and a little of social anxiety and maybe Ptsd).
The next day with a friend of him and he was late playing online and at one point his friend asked me about my “books” that I have on a page and my boyfriend started talking about, “I will read your books other than spirituality and esotericism”, his friend was surprised and asked why and my boyfriend said it is because of his dead sister (she killed herself years ago). It was very uncomfortable.
According to him not “it has anything against me”. I did not want to speak about the matter so I ignored.
I appreciate your previous advice, I feel comfortable here so I trust you to tell this.

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He explained that he wanted to leave the spirituality world because his sister who commited suicide years ago was a black witch and he thinks she ‘isn’t in a good place’, he never explained to me beyond his reasons.
Sometimes I get excited when I learn something new, sometimes he asks me (because he sees my joy) and I can’t tell him because he’s not supposed to be interested anymore. There are different types of spirituality and here you know that, personally has helped me to know myself more, personal development and love me more, I don’t understand much but now he’s making fun of me a little bit. He believes that spirituality are just chackras for example.
I feel like I need to talk to him about this. really makes me feel uncomfortable.
for me it was sad that he is not my partner in those things, but I will not force him to anything, I just do not understand why he keeps asking me things if he is no longer interested, to laugh afterwards?