What or Who brought us here...?

Which are believers of the God who created humans and which believe in the Bing Bang Theory…?
I was never sure about this matter, and I was going to the church listening to the priests and the Bible as a child because I had to, but I was never religious.
When I realized how against I was in some rules and how much my spirituality was awakened, I stopped listening to my family’s/society environment and did a massive format and re- Start.
And I love sharing opinions here than Watching Netflix tbh :grin::love_you_gesture:


@Yberion2 I’m writing this inspired while I’m watching the videos you recommended yesterday :wink: :grin:

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I believe in the big bang with possible but probably unlikely creationism, just not by the christian God.


There are people that believe God created the Big Bang

At 1st I thought that this post was asking who brought us to BALG

I also believe we were not created just by luck after a crush of the cosmic material. It has been said that the universe expanded from an initial state of extremely high temperature and offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observed phenomena, including the abundance of light elements, the cosmic microwave background and large-scale structure.
But It’s unlikely imo that our detailed and perfectly, understandable unperfection was created by random facts.

In which God are you referring to? Have you asked him such a question?

There is quite a shitload of evidence to support the Big Bang. So, that.


People who believe in the Christian God told me this, but I suppose it could apply to any god. I cannot possibly receive such an answer from any god or spirit or anything (I’ve tried this before).

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I believe that humans are the result of genetic engineering by more intelligent and advanced species that are able to control their movement through the different densities Easier and eventually moved on after a certain period of time , leaving humans as the main intelligent life form on earth , I believe they are referred to as the annunaki , they instilled their genetics in us and tweaked it very much , overall I think of the human vessel as an experience of conciousness and not much else


I believe that out of the all , formed beings who created themselves , and the creation went on and on , so I believe it could coincide with the Big Bang theory , it was not an accident though ,


Cosmology is interesting to examine, but ultimately is not as important in my eyes. I do lean to the possiblity that both the more religious and more secular systems are correct to some degree. Prehaps the physical process described with the Big Bang was the medium for the spiritual to create the physical. Or perhaps that was the moment both were created.


So the Gods of sumerian mythology.


Yeah , I believe there was life on Mars that transferred here , and they facilitated , the creation of humans , as a way for souls to experience third density , there’s many theory , we are a slave race , etc , I think humans are just a race of the universe as a vessel to learn from the harshness of earth ,


Fun Fact: It was actually a Priest who came up with the idea of the Big Bang. Which an inaccurate and obsolete idea in scientific cosmology, btw. Now they talk more in terms of a rapid inflation model. Subtle differences but important.

Personally, I believe that, in the beginning, there was nothing. In the midst of that nothing, a void opened. That is the Womb of Lilith. In the center of this, a seed of light appeared. This is Lucifer. These expanded and eventually gave rise to everything via process that is best understood (metaphorically) by following the Qliphoth/Sephiroth down the tree from the top.

Each of these Qliphothic/Sephirothic pairs is each best understood as a sphere of light (sephira) that is expanding into a shell of darkness (qlipha). The light and the dark, the male and the female, balanced and complete. From here on out, I’m just going to say “qliphoth” but you should understand that I mean both. Same with the paths.

Once this was all complete, the qliphoth and the paths linking them, each with their associated spirits and energies, the Tree of Knowledge… the demons and the energies associated with the Tarot… once all this was done, and the Tree of Knowledge was complete, perfect in its balance, Lilith and Lucifer decided to allow us, their children, to enter this manifest world. They did this so that we could learn and play and grow. So that we could have flesh and enjoy that flesh on this food earth while we learn how to be like them: gods who can make manifest anything we desire. Like all good parents, they want to see us succeed and be happy in this endeavor. To be, one day, like them or perhaps even to surpass them.

Then, Lilith and Lucifer themselves descended into this manifest world. Not physically but in some mysterious way. Same with our older brother and sister spirits. They are both “here” and “there”. Behind them, they left a caretaker, the Demiurge. That caretaker, jealous of us, the precious beloved children of Lilith and Lucifer, slammed the gates shut.

When he did this, he shattered the Tree of Knowledge and replaced it with his own Tree of Life. In place of the governing demonic spirits, he created his own barely sentient parodies, the angels. Every good thing our infernal parents made for us, he perverted. He tries to convince us that we are “trapped” in this “prison” of flesh and demands that we deny that flesh and swear our undying loyalty to him. His disempowerment structure takes our souls and turns them inside out, hollowing them out, killing our divine egos, leaving us as little more than vessels for his own monstrous ego.

Worst of all, he separated Lilith and Lucifer, our parents and the first lovers, who’s love created everything. Our task then, is simple: To rebuild the Tree of Knowledge and, by doing this, reuniting Lilith and Lucifer in our flesh. And flesh is the key. Every act of pleasure liberates us and wounds our enemy. We seek nothing less than to throw the gates back open to those outside and to turn this black iron prison back into the paradise and playground it was always meant to be.

We are the eternal adversaries of everything YHVH stands for and everything he’s done. We stand as eternal accusers against him and those poor, lost souls who have been so completely ruined as to be forever united with him. We stand as individuals in opposition to their hive mind of submission. “We” (humanity collectively) are God. “I” (humanity individually… at leas those who are still in any way free and who are willing to stand and fight back) am the Devil.

Gloria in carne! Hail Lilith! Hail Lucifer! Hail Satan! :metal:t2:


Agreed. We can discuss and theorize and enlighten each other all day long, and most of us are going to come out of the conversation, the same way we entered it.


What happened to the life on mars now?

How did you come up with such a detailed ypothesis? Have you ever experienced a vision while meditating or astral projecting?

Well from the physical heavy bodies we have it’s close to be inhabitable , thousands of years ago it was habitable but war broke out and the research to develop these vessels was accelerated and we moved here

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I read tons and learn tons and get flashes while
Meditating , but usually while reading my mind well quickly gravitate towards what is true and I aumtoatically know whAts
Bullshit when I siphon through information

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Do you have any source of the initiation of your beliefs? You re talking like you know for sure what happened :slightly_smiling_face: