What or Are there Any magickal System that?

Maybe this won’t make any sense
I’m all new to all this in a way
So I am curious

Is there a magical system that doesn’t deal with
The feeling of emotional transmutation?
instead of going through the emotion in your mind and subsconsciou
then Transmute the feeling toward your result or like it already come to pass.

A good example of such system like that of the GOM books and others of similarities

Instead of scanning , and doing emotional alchemy then transmutation in your mind/ thoughts,
You would say it out loud with sincerity
without working off an emotional transmutation…

And give the spirit their task
Then tell them what you will give them in return

if you were jobless you would call on the spirit, that can help with that
Using their protective sigil and their calling
when you feel the spirit or knowing the spirit has come forth , you tell the spirit that you jobless and little bit about your problem I’m jobless , I need a job . Etc… help me lend this job or a job within a week ( be specific and honest and about the type of job you need ) must important about what I am saying is this instead of building up all the emotion about what not having a job is causing you
You simply say it and ask the spirit to provide you and help you lend a job etc…
if I am making sense , hard sometimes to explain things with words by typing


You still have to do at least some minor emotional transmutation, even if you evoke a spirit, because you have to leave the ritual with the feeling of your request fulfilled. That is one of the basics of magick, regardless of the system. If you can’t let go of your desire within the ritual, then you slow down or even stop the magick from working.

It’s not as direct as in the Gallery of Magick stuff though.


Thank you for responding
That I have no problem with, but it’s that emotional build up by experiencing the lack , how it make you feel , and letting that pain , anger build then transmute that into positive or into your result. For me I feel like it’s soo much waste of energy to build that negative feedback then transmute it to see your result happening.

For me I roofer I call on the spirit
I tell them what I am having problem with
Tell the. The result I am looking for , if the can do the job and trust them that they will do it etc
And end the ritual with the feeling of knowing the job will be done .

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Hello, just thought I’d clarify a bit of what you’re doing when performing the emotional transmutation. When you bring forth the negative emotions in the beginning, it’s not so much that you are using energy to generate these feelings, but that you are taking what is already within you and bringing it to the surface of your mind. The magick will tend to amplify these feelings, but you are not exerting any effort at this point.

This step is important for many of the rituals, especially angelic ones, as it is like removing all of the previous feelings of lack/sadness/weakness/despair/whatever and replacing them with joy and gratitude. This way, you internally “clean-out” all of the emotions that hold you back from manifesting your result.

If this sort of alchemy doesn’t really appeal to you at the moment, may I suggest demonic magick? I will do a sort of modified ET with demonic rituals, but there’s more of an emphasis on generating power from within, and letting that explode into reality, fueling the fires of change. I’ll sort of combine these methods now when doing ritual with angels or demons, seems to work well.

You can always call upon an entity known for teaching magick too if you’d like a spirit to help you out with this stuff. That’s what I’ve always done, and it’s lead to a gradual improvement over time.


Thanks for that. How do one call on entity to teach further in magick ? Making sure the entity is safe to work with and will not deceive

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Qigong, shamanism, working with entities… just don’t use sympathetic magik? Try a pathworking like Kingdoms of Flame, which is more about exploring and meeting entities that can help you instead of you doing the direct work.


Thank you :pray:t6:
KOF is too expensive for me for now
I’ve done chi gong in the pass I think I’ll be going back to it, and mixing it with Reiki

You know it’s $9.99 on Kindle? You don’t have to fork out for the hardback.

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