What on Earth is Baharuha?

As I was falling asleep a few nights ago, the word ‘Baharuha’ came into my head, over and over, so much that it woke me up. It came like a song or a chant, like ‘baharuha baharuha, ruharuharuharuha’ … does it mean anything or just random gobbledygook my half asleep mind came up with…? Been having work done on my behalf with Duke Gusion (who I’ve worked with on and off for years) and I think Belial is the other… and trying to start work with King Paimon.

It sounds Buddhist or Hindu.

This “feels” like Belial to me, i think he may help you with your family situation as well, I’ll copy below a post I made compiling my experiences to date with him:

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So dunno if its relevant but on a random hunch i looked into the words and found these.


Indonesian-Malay for new


Ruha -two/cloth/garment



New garment. New garment. Is someone telling me to treat myself to a new dress? Hahahaha

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Well, taken more litteral, it could also mean new appearance or skin.
Maybe related to shapeshifting, could also be related to changing your outlook to match something specific.
Is there a job or romantic situation which would match a desire for change?
since you said you heard it while sleeping, in form of a mantra, it could very well be someone / something trying to get you into a certain postion in order to work forward from there.
I’d suggest you take half an hour and re-access that memory to gain further insight.

It makes much sense for me if it’s a partial step into achieving something bigger.
As closes / appearence is commonly a key to get into different situations / conversations.

Oh not to forgett, E.A. is currently pushing his new evocation wearables.
funnily it would even match a mental advertisement! xD
“Buy my new closes - Baharuha Baharuha, ruharuharuharuha” xD

If so - please share if anyone else get’s these mantra “ad’s” :stuck_out_tongue:



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Hahahahahahaha where can I see the wearables?

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