What NOT to do in a graveyard

This is a real life story that I haven’t posted in my blog yet. However I was in Georgia visiting family a couple of weeks ago. I also have been visiting the grave of my late wife everyday while I was there.

To make a long story short I made a statement that I was going to spend the night at my wife’s grave. I planned on doing that, plus I keep my word. However the spirits that are always around me kept warning me NOT too. Like the fool with more balls then brains I didn’t listen. BTW one of the female spirits said via telepathic message “if you go at night we won’t protect you”.

It was night around 3am. I went there with my teenage son. Those damn GA bugs are everywhere, so staying the night is out of the question. Mosquitos love me…grrrr. So there I was I drove my loud car with custom pipes, music booming into a cemetery where my wife was buried. Out in the country of course. (mistake #1). It is 3am knowing this this their time to be active (mistake #2). I didn’t ask for permission from the spirits to be there (mistake #3). On the subject I did listen to NOT bring the necromantic sorcery book or try any rituals there. I am not a necromancer and I am sure that my spirits were telling me not to for a very good reason.

So I am there visiting her grave and as I walked away from her grave I felt presence of many around me. So much so that I felt guarded. Ready to use what magick I knew for defense against a hostile spirit. My son felt it too, and he is NOT sensitive. Instead of taking it as a sign that “visiting hours are over and leave” I got cocky and decided to take pics of everywhere I felt them, without asking (mistake #4). After a while things got quiet, and I started to make comments about it. I guess they took it as trash talk (mistake #5). So here is where I learn my lesson. I visited during the day. I know were everything is. I am in the open. There are no nests in the area. Out of nowhere at 335 in the morning a wasp flies into my left eye and starts to sting and bite at my eye. I was standing in the open and wasps are not nocturnal. Luckily I had my eye closed out of reflex and took too attempts to get it off of me. I was caught off guard for one, I didn’t see it coming for two, and I was worried about potential allergic reactions and any possible loss of vision. BTW I have to drive back. I was pissed and I wanted to go to war. Of course common sense (or my spirits wisdom) told me that I should leave. This is a warning that I should go. So I left, I did see a strange apparition on the side of the road while driving away. Luckily nothing followed me home. I did examine my eye and I was fine the next day. They could have had worse happen to me. I guess they were teaching me a lesson and/or my spirits must have stayed their hand.

Moral of the story. Respect the spirits of the dead, and their invisible caretakers of their burial grounds. Their vengeance isn’t something you want to invoke, they know exactly how to get you off guard.

The pic was my eye 15 mins after the sting.


A very good lesson that all potential necromancers should read as a cautionary tale. This is why it is always good to have the guidance of an experienced necromancer before attempting this type of work.

What you SHOULD do and know before entering the graveyard:

-Have a strong relationship with your ancestors. This is rather easy to cultivate and there are many available resources on the topic. I would recommend that you have upheld a steady and disciplined relationship for at least 3-6 months before attempting work in the cemetery.

-Make sure that you have the knowledge and understanding of herbs and their uses and be able to make cleansing baths for yourself. There are several wonderful guides that can give you a basic comprehension of rootwork.

-Go to a cemetery where you have known relatives. Spend some time cultivating a relationship with those relatives. Weekly visits with offerings such as flowers, coffee, liquor, and sweets are encouraged. Take the time to speak with them and learn how to listen to the feedback they give you.

-Master a system of divination such as geomancy or astragals. You should be able to immediately interpret the results of your divinations without needing to resort to a book or guide.

-When you have consistency with the above practices and feel confident with yourself. Try to begin your experiments in a cemetery where you have relatives. Ask your relatives to introduce you to a helpful spirit in that cemetery. This is when it will become very important to employ your divination skills.

-When you feel that you have found a spirit that is willing to help you in your cause take the time to write down their name so that you do not forget it. Offer the spirit something small as a token of respect such as a teaspoon of liquor, small candies, or a cigarette. Come to an agreement on what the spirit wants for the task and what you are willing to give for the task.

-When the spirit completes the task: PAY THE SPIRIT. The last thing you want is a pissed off dead person because they can turn your life into a living hell.

-Keep working with the same spirit that has proven to be effective. Things you can do to build your bond with the spirit can include: bringing flowers to the spirit, sprinkling some perfume or cologne, and even washing the spirit’s grave with holy water or liquor.

-When dealing with the dead it is extremely important to speak carefully and with precision. Speak out loud, don’t assume the spirit can read your thoughts.

-It is best to go early in the morning or right at dusk. During high noon they are weaker and during the late night they can be too strong.

-I don’t recommend taking cemetery dirt from the spirit without it’s permission. If it permits you to take some dirt be sure to leave some coins or liquor for the spirit’s trouble. When you store your dirt keep it in a dark place where no one can interact with it.

-When you enter and leave the cemetery it is good to leave a small token at the gates such as a sprinkle of liquor or coins.

-Learn prayers for the cemetery. There are many catholic prayers that are quite useful and you will find that they work very well. A magician shouldn’t care what paradigm they embrace to get results. You will find that saying some brief prayers will make the cemetery be more friendly with you.

-Don’t take on more than you can chew! Trying to work with too many spirits can create all sorts of havoc so stick with one or maybe too.

-The dead are by no means infallible or omnipotent! Take everything they say with a grain of salt and work towards results not towards undefinable things. When you have a good and trustworthy spirit you can work towards great abstractions.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. For anyone wondering I come from a living tradition of necromancy (within my Vodou society) and I work with the dead frequently. I have never had a bad experience with the dead following these methods and if the outlined procedures are followed carefully neither should you. Good luck.

*Edit: I should mention that although my methods are not dark and spooky you won’t contract spinal cancer.

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That’s very similar to what I do. I don’t have ancestors in the cemetary I work, but I do have a close ally who I always go to first for help, and he’ll introduce me to another spirit if need be.

If you don’t have the luxury of having a dead relative, it’s best to do somethings for the cemetery before approaching unknown spirits. Pick up debris, fix knocked over headstones, clean off dirty graves. All of this should be done with loving care and you should speak to each spirit individually as you clean there grave. Doing this will make them friendly to you. Again common sense will spare you a big headache.