What my angelic decks has for you! (Practice readings)


You are on the right path for you so keep going forward!
It’s safe to trust this person you’re thinking about!
There is an unhealthy situation you have to leave behind!
The answers lie within you!

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Can I get a reading?

Decks #1 & #9

Please and thank you

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Thanks miku! Awesome as always :clap:

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Number seven. And please no stress. Take your time :wink: . If I have any tips I’ll be sure to let you know.

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Can I get a reading please , what path shall o take spiritually ( demons or angels or both and neither ) , Megatron one thank you so much :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kiss:

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This totally answers a question I’ve had for a while. Thanks for the reading! :heart:

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If I may have a reading from your choice of deck.

I want to know what the angels say involving my marriage. Things have been very rocky and I am not sure whether we are bound for divorce. Thank you. :hibiscus:

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It’s time to let loose of whatever emotional baggage you have and start living your life to the fullest. There is a new beginning that is indicated here - a chance to start fresh. It might come in the form of opening yourself up to the possibilities of new relationships, romantic or otherwise, that have the ability to make you emotionally fulfilled. You are turning over a new leaf.

The Wheel is turning to your favourite. When you have good moments in your life, make sure that you enjoy to the fullest, for what comes up must always go down. The same is true in reverse - when you are in a bad situation, things will eventually become better again.

You will manage to properly succeed in achieving all of your goals, and you will also be publicly acknowledged for them and the results that you’ve managed to attain. You may receive an award or some sort of public acclaim.

Focus on what’s important and don’t strength yourself thin.
Your Ancestors are with you.

The angels have heard your calls for help and are here offering their support, assistance, and time.

Our Ancestors live on through us and within us.



Your health is being affected by sleep and eating habits! Meditation could help you release the stress and worries so you can get better sleep at night. Look into your diet and see how can you eat better food to better your health. Get a second opinion on your health issues.

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:rofl::see_no_evil: I know what you ment but this made me laugh…

Both and more! Blue and Red gives me the feeling of polarity. The blue mentions the divine feminine and the red mentions the shamanic. This deck gravitate towards angelic workings so it’s somewhat biased…
However, from the cards it seems that you are not limited to one and you would do well with other paths!

The numbers 2 and 9 make 11 - a master number - linking to the divine feminine energy that is here with you now.

Card 55 holds a master number vibration and the energy of the Red Ray.

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Once again, very uncannny.

Thanks so much for this reading!


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Deep emotions arising from situations or relationships impact your life. You need to balance your emotions, lest you become overwhelmed.

As you move forward, courageous choices are necessary and will be rewarded. Don’t be discouraged by temporary delays and don’t allow anyone to hinder your progress. Joint endeavours can help you achieve your goals.

There is great loyalty and faithfulness between you and your partner. However, some of the passion or spark may have gone out of the relationship. Inject some fun back into things. Be realistic about what can be accomplished, and have patient.

The angels are cautioning against making impulsive decisions or moves right now. Instead, take the path of moderation and balance in this situation. You’ll experience better results by reevaluating your current circumstances and changing your approach. Work cooperatively with others, and see things from their point of view. Compassion and kindness are keys to successfully manifesting your dreams. Forgiveness also brings healing, which allows for new beginnings.

Thoroughly examine the truth of this situation. It’s possible that your course of action has significant omissions or may be based on incorrect assumptions. Exercise caution with the details, and avoid carelessness. Consider that someone involved may have a hidden agenda.

This is a wake up call to analyze your relationships. You can work to ensure that nobody is capable of delivering heartbreak to you. You can scrutinize some possible cruelty toward someone regardless of your intent and mitigate it now before it does any karmic damage.

Feels to me that there might be a third person involved, but I sure hope not…

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thank you so much !

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He has cheated to a degree… this is why our marriage may fail. And the part where it says deep emotions impact my life. You and your cards are certainly right. I’m constantly 24/7 anxious and on edge… thank you for your reading. I guess it’s more of a confirmation of what’s going on with us. :pensive:

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Just what I needed. As I’ve been letting myself go a little bit. Thanks :pray: for the input :slight_smile: .

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Would I be able to get a reading from the Archangel Michael deck? Thank you!

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Relax and enjoy your home, because all is well!
Keep going because there is great goodness in store for you!
Accept the help and lean on others for support. Doing everything alone will drain you…
Have confidence in yourself because you are stronger than you think.

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Oooh incredibly fitting and builds on something I started today! Thank you :pray:


Good to see ur still doing it.

Can I get one please . Any deck would do .thanks

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G’day mate
Can I get a reading.
Deck two thanks

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