What music yalls like?

What types of music like genres yalls like and anyone uses music when they meditate or do a ritual? I love rap and hip hop, but I think some good ambient music or rnb would be good for some rituals.

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Depends on the intent of the ritual or who I’m working with.

Generally though when doing rituals it’s horrorcore or trance instrumentals [not techno.]
Meditation is usually just whatever is in my ears at the time, sometimes I don’t use music though because it can be disruptive depending on my intentions.

The best music I’ve found so far though are theta wave audios. 1100FHZ range usually seem to do the trick. Pretty much anything that you can just zone out on a pattern is good for it. Voices are harder to do. That’s why so few musicians are mentioned for that.

What I like? Goth rock, metal and folk mainly. What I use for rituals? Shamanic drumming tracks…rarely. Though Wardruna is good for getting me in the mood pre-ritual.

I listen to most metal of different styles, doom, some death, fucking love black metal. I also jam 80s deathrock/goth/bat cave too

I have a serious love for good, blues inspired stoner metal albums. (pssst universal hippies, and the devil and the almighty blues are godly) but also several kinds of metal, the sub genre isn’t a big deal just has to entice me, some folk, some jazz, blues (of course) I’m growing much more selective for rap, and have very little hip hop and pop that I actually enjoy. Lol mostly genre comes second when I select music.

For meditation and spiritual trips, it varies on the purpose of the meditation
If you don’t need/want something calm or ambient there are plenty of instrumental stoner metal/rock albums that help kind of inspire the landscape and journeys of a spiritual trip poke around you’ll find plenty of gems (if you want my faves for any use I’ll gladly link)

For calmer use there are lots of ambient sounds you can find on YouTube, (cryochamber has been mentioned in similar threads) if you like folk that works (I like faun because of my German heritage it connects to me, but not understanding German allows lots of room for interpretation)
There’s also the kind you’d expect like ambient rain, drumming, various old tribal chants, etc.
All in all, if you’re looking for ideas, just poke around and see what draws you in and what you feel comfortable using. There’s no harm/shame in using like Mongolian music even if you don’t share heritage or have intent to use similar deities
Experiment and have fun!