What manifestations are sex magick good for?

I feel like saying it outloud or using other methods seems to help better than sex magick, but maybe I am doing it wrong. What are the common good manifestations for it?

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Money, but u have to be whit someone really focus, on it wear ceryaind items, and well sex body parts, eat semen things u not use to. Circles, words spirts of demonic origen. And maybe pain.

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Sex magick can be used for: invocation, possession, manifesting material goods, wealth, prosperity, healing, health, spiritual communication, summoning, launching sigils, raising of the Kundalini, the creation of servitors, physically incarnating a god/goddess, creating talismans…

Sex magick can pretty much be used to manifest anything you can imagine, the same as most any method of magick. About the only thing it isn’t generally used for is baneful work, though I’m sure it can be.