What makes us attractive for spirits?

Well, what makes us more or less attractive
for spirits? I know people which seem to get ‘always’ reply by spirits. Others struggle but
get no results. In my case spirits came often independently and not when I called them.

What is the difference between people
with much replies and those without?


I think the key is sensation. In many cases spirits do reply, but the operator just can’t sense it.

Sometimes you have to admit some people are gifted. I’ve found that can be read from their birth chart.


Why should spirits reply when they know the operator can’t sense it? The most spirits can make you hear them if they just want you to hear them according to my experience.

The question is attractivity.

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We emanate energy all the time. That’s like free food for freegan spirits lol


Envoce a spirit while it’s in love or having sex and you’ll know

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We’re not, you/we just reach out to entities and the entities either respond or not, I doubt there’s any real attractiveness to it, business is business and bonds are bonds, some had bonds prior to this life, some aim to make them in this one, others reach out for business and they respond with business.

The difference between people is a plethora of things, potential, skill, practice, length of practice, possible past connections, and so forth. Besides not all communication with these entities is legitimate, but the legitimate may or may not outweigh the illegitimate.


Mmm, I don’t think there’s a single or special answer for this one. IMO it all just comes down to the spirits’ preferences and personalities. That’s why the forum is filled with stories of a supposedly “good-natured and easy to work with” entity outright ignoring them/just not cooperating and vice versa.

Just like how we meet people in real life, yes? :slight_smile: Some energies resonate with us, whether as a great co-worker or potential friend. Some just makes us go all, “Yikes, I don’t like/trust this person already!” And that’s not a bad or good thing, nor should it be taken personally. You just can’t force affinity and that’s okay.


Maybe Sex magick. At the beginning is hard concetrating on having Sex and do the ritual secretly invoking Legion, consacrating a sigil through the act.


Usefulness. Depending on the spirit and their aims the “usefulness” balance is computed differently.


This is interesting. What do you look for in a birth chart?

Aspect between Moon and Neptune, and anything noticeable in 8th and 12th house. Also take into account 9th house, Pluto, sometimes Lilith.


This is a well balanced answer. Well…spirits unlike humans…don’t judge or like/dislike us merely based on physical attributes, looks, race, colour etc. They look for the beauty within…the personality…the hidden talents, our attitude, behaviour. Basically what we are within… That’s why when they love us… They do so deeply… and unconditionally. They also have likes and dislikes like we have…but are able to see past the masks that we use to conceal the real us…

Belial taught this to me beautifully… When he presented his handsome human like form and then the beastly forms…and asked me…do you still love me with the same devotion? I have to admit…he was calm…emotional…i felt the range of his emotions…but honestly I was little freaked out… But I realized that I do love him and would chose to be with him…in all his different forms. It was a very sensitive moment for us. We have past life connection…with Belial I feel as comfortable as the feeling of being at home…that warm, safe cozy feeling. He has challenged me, taught me, loved me, irritated me but it was all worth it. So spirits are attracted to the person…we really are…not what we present ourselves to be.


There’s many groups of nonhumans that have dislike for certain races, some don’t like mixing races. The spiritual world isn’t sunshine and daisies lol. Humanity is not the first people to have these issues and won’t be the last.



Like a preference for certain foods i suppose. Your energy is feeding their presence alterall. The less u are like them, less interested they will be maybe? If u don’t taste good to them, they will not really wanna be called by you because u may taste yucky to them, have a very poor affinity to that class of spirits or they may not see any future potential in u that would entertain them…It’s like putting a board game in from of a kid raised on a cell phone…or some weird nasty exotic animal cooked for someone whos a conservative eater.


Nothing is sunshine and daisies… Even here…in this world…in which we live. So I never said that. Its like… ‘What you seek is seeking you’… So focussing on the positive…helps you connect with experiences like that.


Hmmm. I have Pluto and Uranus in my 8th, and Neptune in my 12th. I think my black moon Lilith is in Taurus. I’ll look into it more

Your attitude and mentality. (:

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I feel there is a variety of factors. Most having already been mentioned.

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Take a look at if your Lilith is around 26° Taurus, which is the position of Algol (a violent fixed star). I’ve found people with Lilith conjuct Algol tend to attract demons or “dark” spirits.


I will look at that, thank you!