What magick would you pay for?

I thought this would be a good place to ask, because:

  • What answers, advice, or magick you would pay for, so would others…

  • We can all get occult knowledge for free. I want to know what you don’t hear being touched on. What occult knowledge is not-so-free.

  • Your input will give me an idea of what I’m trying to do, how to go about it, and what’s in demand relative to what I’m in some know about and what I’m not so familiar with.

So if you had some money to spend, what would you pay some one to be able to help you do? What form of energy-one on one teaching/training, book, ritual-would you exchange energy in the from of money for? What would you want that form of energy to do for/with you? What would be worth consideration? What, on the surface, would you be told said person/service/product can do, and how would one entice you to invest?


Me personally I’m interested to find away out my web of life problems and persecution. To win courtcases and influence over people nature etc . ( Most people I think want to get freedom from their enemies I guess, wealth, health and whatnot etc and wealth of the spirtual adaptability and freedom. Me I’d love personal freedom through magical abilities from my physical problems if that is possible. …) If life generally was OK for me and cope able, I would be interested in any type of potent magic and ancient teachings or any type of occult or magical practices that are not readily available to the general public, or rare, ie from adept in masons/golden dawn etc , covens, secret societies, old civilization, etc. (Am I asking too much lol)


Good question. If i had the money i would spend:

  1. Online course
  2. Book, only sometimes it demotivates cause your paths must align. For example i’m not a Satanist. While there is good stuff written by them.
  3. Medium for hire. When you struggle with your ascend and still doubting your senses.
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With medium i would ask a person in the field for divination with a spirit


No your not :slight_smile:

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