What magic should I learn in order to overcome fear in my trading business and what Demon should I summon

I have been thinking of summon Azazel to help me to give me knowledge and skills on my trading business I need an advise on what to do I’m new I need guidance

One of Bune’s less talked skills is the power to help you develop business strategies, so you can go with her. I’m sure a solid strategy will help you quite a lot to overcome your fear, since what you probably fear is making one mistake too many.

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Star whit goetic spirts, first then move on. Besides readngs, consults which may help a little, its a few pozts in u qestion here, such link. Joing a group…, espirts such mamon astarot, lucifer may bring u fast money and luck. Nut wat u looking for is estability .wjich is more advanced magick… Ask by pm membwrs here, etc.

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Thank you so much how do I summon her ?
Can you help me with any tips .

How do I summon her

There are several ways.

You can open her sigil as explained by Koetting in one of his articles. You can invoke or evoke her. Or you could reach her using visionary magick as instructed in the grimoire “Goetia Pathworking” (I reaaaally like this method).

All in all, the sigil (which is available for free on the internet) should be enough.

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Thank you can you help me with more information what do i required to do

Thank you is there any specific time to call her ?

Not that I know of.

Times and days and stuff like that look like signal boosters to me.

Now, if you’re already using a working system, whatever that is, then just go with that system. If you don’t, then try to get one. Structure is important for us, since as we do things over and over again we become better at it, as with any other thing.

In any event, there is a lot of information about Bune here, since we’re talking about one of the most popular spirits in this forum.


Bro, you were just given step by step instructions on what to do. I understand the desire to learn and the excitement of being new and feeling the need to absorb as much information as possible. But I advise that you calm down and take in what’s being said. Draw out the sigil of what ever entity you wish to work with. Gaze at it lightly to charge and activate the sigil. Chant the enn of that spirit. State your desires. Meditation will be key in developing your senses to understand what’s being said to you.

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Thank you

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Thank you🙏