What magic can one use to chase away an Enemy

I have discovered a doll in my cousin’s wardrobe with my picture on it. How can I kill him before he harms me?

Don’t kill him. Ownerless dolls can become literal magic bombs if the caster is skilled. Look for fate altering rites instead. If these are successful, workings involving the doll may then cause you pain and discomfort, but should not affect your fate.


Uncross yourself, silence his intentions then bind his ability to cast spells.


Oh yeah, try to keep stray hairs and nail clippings, scabs, etc well away from the bastard too. If you’re lucky enough to find a stash of such human waste anywhere in his house, abscond with and destroy it.


Hi Sir. Please help. Can you give step guide on what to do exactly? I am a novice. I have tried to consult marabouts in my community but they don’t seem to work…only asking for money…please your assistance would be highly appreciated.

Please spell out what to do Sir… I am a novice.

Sir, Please how can I silence his intentions?.

I seriously doubt your cousin knows what they are doing. Trust me, the power of doubt can change fates. If your cousin’s doll has power, then also fear the power of my doubt.

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Once again, search for simple rites of good fortune and altering fate for the better. Depending on how good your cousin is with hexes, find one(s) you’re ready and able to perform somewhere between once and six times daily. At the point where youre still standing and healthy, he should give up on the doll.

Why didn’t you take the doll?

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Please how do I seek revenge?

Hmmmm…and what were you doing in his drawers? If you were going through my things I would probably want to curse you too, lol.

Just joking.

First, take the doll. Do not let him keep it. If it is family you might not want to kill him. Personally, I would mess with your cousin’s head. Show the doll and explain that one of the local marabouts told you where to find it, and that the work your cousin was trying has surely failed. Say that his will against you has been bound, and that if your cousin tries again you will know, and you will have one of the marabouts destroy him/her. It would be helpful if you could get ahold of a sympathetic object of your cousin’s as leverage, and let him know you have that, too.

That should make your cousin paranoid enough to undo his own spell against you, and make him think twice before ever trying again, lol. No curse needed.


Men he is really wicked. I could get kill for that. I have just been suspecting him and my suspicions turn out through. Please help. This is some serious situation.

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Revenge is not wise it cause your karma to go awal so what little good karma you may have will cease to exist with you. Your life will quite literally be flipped upside down.

What to do then?

Use light protection magick it will have the best effects with karma and can be the strongest do to its simplicity

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I don’t seem to get any specific tangeable help.

How do I go about it?

Karma (or Dharma) is a complicated subject but protecting himself from another won’t give him “bad karma”.

OP, have you done anything stated in your last post?
We know you’re new but if you refuse to do searches when recommended or do simple spells that are given, it’s us just talking to a wall.

If you want someone to do it for you, check out the For Hire area on this site otherwise you need to follow the directions given. You are over complicating things.


To do magick you need to have some balls, to be blunt.
Woodsmans recommendation is a very good one and would probably work very well.