What made you believe this was real

As a new magician I’ve been able to manifest a few simple things through sigils and my belief system is growing but I wanted to know from you guys and wanted to hear your stories what piece of magic did you do that really made you believe this was all real


That’s quote simple actually. The thing that made me really believe was when a friend of mine was looking for a job and I cast a sigil with the intent of him finding employment. I cast the sigil, told him to start applying and he got an interview and a job no problem.

Amazing love hearing stories like this. I can imagine the feeling of excitement and power you must have felt. Was that just a simple sigil you did at the time. Like what I tend to do so far is just create a sigil power it up by staring into it for 5 minutes or so imagining what I want then releasing it through sexual energy a few days later. Did you do something similar?

I made a (poorly designed) pictorial sigil and released it with sexual energy. I didn’t know as much about sigils as I do now but it definitely got the job done.

I never had any doubt, that the entity I worked with was real, her presence was so unmistakably powerful and real and the changes in my life that she wrought so profound, even-life changing. That included saving my life and sanity at a crucial juncture.

However, I received final confirmation, when she started visiting others for healing and spiritual communion, at my request. When others, halfway across the world are being visited by someone you work with, there really can no longer be any doubt that you’re dealing with real beings and not just figments of your imagination.

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That’s amazing to hear. I’ve yet to work with any spirits and I’m still at the basis of understanding how it all works. I started watching the mystery school on YouTube which is breaking it down for me. Any recommendations to make my sigils more powerful whilst not evoking any spirits yet?

I grew up with it, fae guardian for a short while, then when I became 13-14 I had varying laps of doubt as I was self taught for a while, alone to my own devices. However, when I get to meet other people online my experiences went from UPG to SPG and coupled with varying research to back it up.

Also some physical happenings like my somewhat recent experiences around Odin in dreams and etheric projection soon ended up with me meeting an old man who was blind in one eye, drove a dingy car and had two wild ravens perched on his car and his middle name was Odin, he came to my job where on the handheld to deliver it said Odin [his last name] so I went outside to meet him and he showed me his ID and it legit had odin on it lol.

That was one of the biggest realizations for me despite my already existing belief in it, it was a solid affirmation.

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physically feeling the spirit touch me.
also having an entity appear to me after i called for it in the astral.

What was the physical touch like? Were you initially scared?

That’s so amazing 3 months ago I would have read a story like that and thought it was all made up and now I’m so open to this stuff and love reading it. Every day my belief system grows

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i was thinking about the entity and then i felt it brush up my thigh, and then on my lips/cheek (cant remember which).
it felt cold.

Results, results, results. Everything else is kinda subjective… You start seeing and hearing stuff and it could just mean you’re going insane… BUT… results don’t lie. Specially when they’re abundant and constant.


Nice thread!

I would say it was my community where I was born and brought up.

You get to see weird things people do. Like literally flying in your physical eyes that more than 3persons can confirm this.

Shapeshifting; physically into cats, flying birds.

Lest I forget, the famous disappearing like it is normal.

Well, when one lives in that world, magick becomes a way of life and astral becomes the physical.

I always believed to some degree but stopped after getting a bunch of bad tarot readings.

And what got me back in is figuring out how to deal with a possession. (They were mostly parasites).

I’ve always believed in the supernatural ever since I was born.

Why would you use a sigil if not for evocation? That’s what they’re for.

In any case, it is all about personal power in the end, that is what you have to build up with meditation, the rest follows from that, according to your intent.

This sounds so interesting! I’m probably months away from experiencing something like that but knowing I could really excites me. I’m learning more and more about sigils at the moment and the planetary influence etc

So a little back story I was going through a tough time in my personal life and came across this hypnotherapist. I tried normal talking therapy previously and that didnt help. He got into my subconscious and managed to help me somewhat. Then I saw a video on law of attraction and we started talking about it from there. And one day I mentioned to him I really want my ex back and he mentioned sigils but hes very spiritual a Buddhist infact and only works with white or grey magic so he doesnt involve spirits. I’ve come across this page myself to learn more .

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