What Lucifer said to me in a dream. (And paradigm shifting?)

Hey guys, I had a dream a while ago that I only decided to write about now. This was shortly after that other dream I had that I thought Lucifer was in, or it’s the same dream, but it’s been a while so I don’t remember so well. Anyway, I’m sure Lucifer is aware of me being confused considering my RHP inclination. Before watching EA Koetting’s videos and joining this site, I did (do?) have the belief that RHP is real, karma is unavoidable, ascension (through light) is inevitable, and all LHP entities are simply egregores or something else, that aren’t really alive to begin with. I believed it was possible to achieve power through LHP, but not ascension or escape from our optimistic, love-filled, peace-attained ultimate destinies.

In this dream I’m talking about, I was lying on my side in bed and Lucifer was lying behind me and whispering things to me. He was giving me important knowledge, and even though now I remember very little, I know that at the time I wasn’t even hearing everything he was saying. Could be cause of resistance or fear, I guess. The only thing I remember him saying was something like “and they will ascend in equal numbers from the Earth…” and he was talking about those who ascend from the earthschool, reincarnation. That when a few finish/ascend/whatever, for the few that become enlightened and move to higher realms of RHP, an equal number ascend into LHP. As if it’s a balance of the universe or something. So he was letting me know that there’s more to evolving as a human than just the path of becoming like Jesus and Buddha. You can “finish here” in a different path.

I didn’t believe my beliefs would change again. They’re wavering now. It’s slightly alarming, but not as bad as when I stopped being Christian. The stakes were higher then, with my brainwashed belief in eternal suffering. It’s working the same way, a gradual change. I’m beginning to believe LHP entities might not be confused themselves. Which is a big thing to admit. And potentially very dangerous, when we admit to ourselves that we have the power to hurt people. And instead of being governed by rules, we have to rely on ourselves to do the right thing, and that might not be enough.

Neither side works with the other I’m sure. RHP doesn’t want you to go to LHP and vice versa. I’m about to write stuff about RHP and even now I feel like something wants to stop this change in direction. As far as the grey area in-between is concerned, I’m not sure how stable that is a place to dwell. I thought LHP was the black AND all the shades of grey, but maybe not. I’ll say this of my experiences with both. LHP is much more forceful. The entities will pull you in when they can. I’ve felt much more tangible power than with RHP. LHP makes you ascend while RHP moves at your pace. HOWEVER. I see so many of you struggling with issues, anxieties. RHP is passive and teaches you to overcome issues by practicing unconditional love, BUT there is never a lack of support or healing. The angels and guides never stress you directly, not the way LHP do. I feel like so many of you would benefit from opening yourself to the RHP current as well. Though like I said, I’m not sure how stable the grey area in-between is.

I’ve read some alarming stories of people here having vivid, painful dreams brought on by demons and then they were granted power afterwards. RHP never let me believe it was possible to go the other way, a lie of omission I guess, and LHP might have you believe following their way just fuses you pointlessly back into the source (it doesn’t). I’ve never feared a demon or someone here might hurt me because I’ve felt so safe in RHP, although the further I stray the more I wonder if I might have to take extra precautions to protect myself. I’ve noticed some of you who approach RHP deities do so through your LHP beliefs and experiences, and you do strange things like evoking with them, when all it takes to get to know archangels is talking to them and normal intuition. I admit though, that LHP is far more powerful and tangible than what I’ve felt with RHP.

Anyway this is long enough as is… thoughts?

Side Note: I just had the funniest realization. Funny, but also a little worrying. I’d been watching tarot astrology videos on YouTube and they were all talking about this Mercury Retrograde coming up, so I was focused on it before it even hit. All the way through I was thinking ‘this retrograde has had no effect on me, must be cause I’m a Libra and my ability to communicate is so awesome (feeling smug)’ and then it hits me a minute ago: My phone has been broken for the entirety of this retrograde. I’ve had no internet, no access to Grindr or other apps, and it has been very hard to communicate with anyone. (Now I’m using a computer at work). My phone should be fixed in a few days, when the retrograde ends.

So now I’m a little nervous. Since I knew the retrograde was coming, my beliefs probably caused these infuriating last few weeks. I probably shouldn’t have put as much attention on the retrograde as I have. Or as some of you have suggested, a ritual to banish its effects could’ve been more effective. I could’ve made this side note a separate post but it really is best not to draw more attention to negative beliefs that literally feed off attention.

It’s like star signs, I believe in them but I’m not sure whether its our beliefs in them over the centuries that have made them real or whether it was just always real by itself.


I would argue, and I am not even sure if I believe this, just a theory, that both are both paths to ascent by different means.

The right hand path does so by slower, safer, and more guided means. By allowing the natural flow of the current to carry you.

Whereas the left hand path allows you to force your way through the rapids and waves to create a quicker path. It’s a much bumpier ride, but you get there much quicker.

But that is just what comes off the top of my head and would have to think on it more to determine if I personally believe that or not.


Personally, I’m LHP and I prefer darker forces over Light.
I was RHP for 4 years man, and in the end, I never felt complete.
I came into this path scared, and unsure. In the end, I found comfort in the darkness.
I feel like I was lying to myself during my time within the RHP, granted the knowledge of course helped.
But in the end, this is my Domain.
This made a lot more sense to me when I began to remember my past lives.
Every life I was a LHP magickian!
But what happened?
Things got so dark, I couldn’t take the heat, and I failed to Ascend through Demonic gnosis.
I gained so much power and dropped it.

Within this life, I ain’t letting that happen.
I tend to work with angels to balance myself out a bit.
Not in the sense of 50/50 more like 90/100
Being 90% dark
and just that slight 10% to keep me from being consumed.

Not, ready to become the abyss.
Soon I will.

My kinda source, if you will :slightly_smiling_face:

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Like you said, different means to try and reach a similar point. Lhp isn’t about darkness for me. It’s about reaching out and taking control of your own life, choosing to manifest your ideal reality. Of daring to think outside of the box and question everything. It’s much more direct and that suits me. I highly prefer an individual path I create for myself and with the spirits I build relationships with. Those relationships are as important to me as is power, knowledge, and wisdom. I don’t consider myself dark, nor do I consider myself light or anything in the middle. I am me. I evolve and adapt as I must, sometimes that swings more one way than the other.


Thanks so much you guys.

Okay damn, I’ve been putting this off. To this day I’ve done two evocations, one to Clauneck and one to Michael. Early day stuff. I accidentally evoked Lucifer in the past, mentioned in a previous post. I’m going to have to stop putting it off and evoke him already.

I mean I’m still wavering. I know he wants me to evoke him. Urrr


I’ve thought something similar in that it’s hard to determine whether the effect is actually real or if it’s your belief in mercury retrograde that just causes you to notice communication breakdowns more and amplifies the negative thoughtform. :thinking:

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I know ^ I’m most surprised that I didn’t piece this together as it was happening. Because guess what? My work emails have also been stuffing up for ages (another realization), and since I work in a Nursing Home doing night shifts that makes me really out of the loop. My ability to communicate has been seriously hindered in real, physical ways. And it can’t be a coincidence with the timing.

I need to shift my attention accordingly so this doesn’t happen again!

That is key, right there. Think about that some more.

They work with the other, yes. It’s not about “switching sides”.

Strongest force in the universe and plenty of LHP folks feel the same. I don’t think that this term means what most people think it means though. It is the description of a force.

Because that’s their preexisting perception of what a demon is, or what it is supposed to do.

This one hit Libras pretty hard, actually.

Hardly avoidable but yes, if you prepared, it would have been easier.

That’s what makes all gods, angels, demons, and so forth real. That’s also how you can rise above those things, command them, and make reality yours.

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Thanks. I don’t know how you know Libra got hit hard by the retrograde? Is it because Mercury was in Libra’s angle of space while it appeared to go backward? I figured that Mercury retrograde would affect my ability to communicate, like it would make me frazzled in the mind and say the wrong things. But I never felt mental effects, I was very surprised when I pieced together that my work emails and mobile stuffing up (something that has sorely and painfully hindered communication) was the result of this retrograde. So yeah, despite what I was thinking before I made that connection I didn’t realize how badly it was effecting me, cause my focus was on my senses. I’m still not convinced that I couldn’t have avoided all this by setting proper intentions though.


This. This. A million times THIS. :purple_heart:


I cannot recall at the moment. I’d have to go back through my notes, but that stuck out in my memory as being a thing. I have a few Libra peeps.
Lots of things are happening this year for Libra. It started with the superblue bloodmoon. At that time, Dark Moon Lilith was in Libra.

And yeah, you’re dead on with the communication issues. That is definitely a common merc retrograde issue.

@Encore19 for what it’s worth…if more RHP people understood the nature of Lucifer, they would be evoking him too. The light-bringer. He’s all about evolution and personal transformation, for the better.

Oh my God… I hope this isn’t an unlucky year for Libra. I was really hoping things were going to go my way this year…

I wouldn’t say unlucky. More like intense.
Congratulations, btw, you’ve made it through mercury retrograde. It goes direct today! Saturn goes retro in 2 days. That’s worth looking into.