What languages would you be willing to learn in order to ascend?

I’m lucky I learned Spanish up to an intermediate level in reading because many books on magic have been written in Spanish and many of them aren’t available in English. It’s been useful when I search for information on Santa Muerte and, unexpectedly, Draconian magic. In fact my first Qlipothic book was the Spanish version of a multi-part series of rituals.

I’d be willing to learn Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Enochian and maybe French. I know a tiny bit of Japanese but I wish to learn more so I can read Shinto books in thier original language. Hebrew and Arabic are languages I like both in writing and sound and they both have magical qualities. Enochian is basically a language for magic and it’s widespread in use. A lot of Voodoo cultures speak French so if I have to learn it I wouldn’t mind since in writing it’s similar to Spanish.


Definitely German and Russian, I’ve got a bunch of books that were given to me that I can’t read yet because they’re in either of those languages. Oh, and maybe Greek too.


Hebrew and Latin for strictly magical and spiritual purposes… indeed Arabic, Greek, Enochian and Japanese are interesting too.
Also, inspired by Julius Evola who knew various languages, French/Spanish/German (I hope this wouldn’t be too much :thinking:).


I speak four other form of Indigenous African languages in addition to english.

One being Yoruba which can be traced back to communications with the loa, Santeria and the Orisha.

@C.Kendall. :slight_smile:


Omo re bi iyan!

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Have any of you worked with Ronové or Agares to learn new languages? If not, I suggest you do, and we’d compare results.

I love languages to begin with, so I will learn pretty much any language to ascend. Russian and Icelandic are the most beautiful languages on the planet though. I’ve already learned a ton of Mandarin and understand tons of Spanish for jobs I’ve had.


Speaking of ascent as in occult studies, study of Eastern mysticism, Enochian, the runes, Old Norse (the Ásatrú religion), Sanskrit, Pali, Japanese, Latin and Hebrew may all be useful.

As for the other world languages, they may not be necessary for ascent. What I mean by that is that a mage, witch or psychic may only truly know and use English and still be very much developed and knowledgeable. Besides, modern English (a mix of German and French) has become the world lingua franca, and there might be divine/spiritual reasons for it (aside from its simpler grammar and verb tenses).

I’m fluent in English, French and Haitian Creole. @SabahSnoblod, mastering French would make learning Haitian Creole (used in Haitian Voodoo rites) quite easy (Haitian Creole is mostly French mixed with some Fon).

I have an interest in Spanish and, funnily enough, Arabic (arguably the most complicated language in the world — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hABIN2sO4uY).

All the languages of the world but most importantly Enochian the language of the Gods.

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@Halastjarna, there are literally hundreds of languages, which may make it hard to tell which language sounds the most beautiful, but out of everything I’ve heard, I’d say French & English (a tie), and then Haitian Creole, but I may biased since I’ve heard those languages all my life.

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Ore mi! Bawo ?

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Mo wa dada! :slight_smile:

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@SabahSnoblod @Mercury @fapa79 @Aluriel @Abythoth @Enlightener @Halastjarna @DragonPhoenix777
I am so surprised that everyone has left out the MOST IMPORTANT language. May I suggest learning as many Demonic Tongues as possible?


You mean ancient languages those incantations are Nabatean. Since no one speaks it it will be difficult to do.
Also it’s not like there’s readily available course and programs to teach them.

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@Laith_wavey No they aren’t. They are from Azazel. Book of Azazel. It was from Demons in the first place. Other human cultures may have adopted them.[quote=“Laith_wavey, post:14, topic:19434”]
Also it’s not like there’s readily available course and programs to teach them.
Summon a Demon. Honestly, we are sorcerers right?


EA said that years after kingdom of flames and BOA he learned that this language is Nabatean.

@Laith_wavey It’s Demonic, but adapted by the Nabateans as far as I am aware. Anyways point is that real Demonic Tongues exist. That was just an example.

That’s not necessarily the case azazel gave incantations to others in Latin as well. I’m not gonna turn and say Latin is the demonic tongue


@Laith_wavey True. The point is to learn the incantations the demons give you. I don’t know the History of those particular incantations, but I do know that Demons do have a full coherent language.

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Magicians perform rites in English and French all the time with success (and those languages have lots of Latin in them). I’m sure that most, if not all Spirits, understand those languages. But demonic tongues would make it stronger, right?

It may well do as they may hold extra power or energy.