What kind of?

Hello, i am new and have a lot of question.

May i know what kind of magic to be able to change my personal appearance accordingly (face and body shape)?
How can i summon spirit/entity/Lucifer to help me with my wishes? I don’t have any basic and ritual seems not an option. Can i just call or pray or summon?

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for beauty orias, haagenti and marbas i think would be best
use the search function for simular questions
and you can use ea’s method for evoking
search ‘fitness’ in search function and you will see some simular questions

and bonus
search chloe ting workouts on youtube and she also have a website and all workouts and vids are completely free and you will sea a lot of difference :))

If you can’t perform rituals I would recommend something more direct like Law of Assumption (Law of Attraction) – read books by Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy. Or alternatively, subliminals.

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I understand the question is not too detail,what i need is the power to change myself to be someone else anytime and anywhere i like.

I don’t think you can dramatically physically change your appearance using spirituality. You can definitely manipulate energy to make yourself appear a specific way to others so that their impression of you is like that or use it to glamour yourself but no you cannot change your physical appearance unless you’re doing cosmetic changes like dying your hair.


Real magick is not Hollywood magick. You will never be be able to shapeshift into someone else. It doesn’t work that way. Glamour magick can cast an illusion around yourself to make others perceive you differently, but it will not fundamentally change who you are or what you look like.


Demon Marbas can help you cast a glamour on yourself, you would use your imagination to appear more attractive. It’s like an illusion that makes you appear to be something you aren’t

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The magic you’re describing is called “glamour magic.”

Nope…i want a total changes

In that case, I would ask Aphrodite for help. I think Lilith might also help, but I don’t know for sure.

What i meant by changes, i meant fully identity changes.i am willing to make a deal/pact with the entity to have this.i need this urgently!

Not gonna happen- what S_vi_Britannia says.

But, you are underestimating the power of the “glamour.” It can come immediately and it’s not what you think.

Belial, for instance, can remove other people’s limiting perceptions of you and make it so they see you for the true power and potential that you are. That has proven to be fucking priceless for me.

It would help to know what your endgame is here. Like is it to hide or is it to snag someone.

There are demons that specialize in making people invisible/ attractive/ etc…

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Bael can make you invisible, but Bael is a bad muthafaucker. If you go to him and he chooses to post, I would not demand shit from him- ask with strength but def show some major respect to him.

I need demon that able to do anything

I don’t understand why you aren’t acceping the answers given and keep asking the same thing, but worded differently.


I’m so sorry if i made it sound annoying,maybe this is how desperation looks like.

No, it’s not annoying at all.

I can actually sense the desperation and anxiety, which will actually hinder your work. The members in this thread already gave great advice. Take a moment to breathe, relax, and read their answers again.


Thank you very much…

I am actually looking for making a pact with the higher entity…i guess thats the only way i can achieve my needs.

No, you don’t always need a pact to achieve your needs. All you need is the belief, will and intent to make it happen, perform a ritual, call on a spirit, candle spell or petition spell, and you can achieve almost anything you want.

Whatever it is you want, since you previously mentioned you wanted to work with a demon, identify the spirit (doesn’t always have to be a demon) that specializes in a particular area in which you need assistance, and call on them.

If you insist on doing a pact, advice was given in your other thread on how to do one, and you can also search the forum for that as well. Again though, you do NOT always need a pact in order to get what you need.

Good luck.