What kind of vibe does Satan give

Has anyone encountered Satan. What kind of feeling does he give off.


I felt a powerful one some months ago, when I looked at his demonolatry sigil and repeated the enn.


Black chaotic storm with serious and focused intent underlying it.


I got a dark bad feeling vibe. I don’t know if it’s him.

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Same here.

You could try using his sigil and finding out?
This way you know it’s him and if it’s not the same you can banish the other vibration or ask for his assistance.


Satan naturaly gives off a dark vibe, from evocation, manifestation, power, …its simply dark in its entirety.
He does have a sense of humour though, never answers questions straightforward especially if he feels you ain’t ready for the answer.
Sometimes he manifests astrally with a great attitude, other times he’s way serious.
Trickster demon


Sounds like fun @Mikan

Yep I heared a voice in my head he was coming across as a real dick lol something woke me up in the middle of the night. I had a vision of 4:17 am. I turned to check my phone and it was 4:16
I said who was there and I heared Satan. I told him to leave me alone that i was trying to sleep. I use special smudges that Demons and other things don’t like. I feel too bothered by them sometimes. Too bothered. When I started praying I heared him mocking me “awe you going to cry to mommy” lol. Previously I was crying to the virgin Mary for circumstances in my life right now. I have connection and deep experiences with her. I’ve had previous encounters with Satan. Crying in the middle of gravel roads and on the cliffs beside my house. Him appearing as a black giant cat, pysically! I wanted to sell my soul at the time. I never new what evocation or other rituals were I simply sat and cried and called for help and he comes. I called for help many times by just talking. Saying help me too prove he was real and I would sell my soul to him after. Rock bottom of my life. I went to pay for 6 over due speeding tickets. The lady said some guy in black came in to pay for them. Couple times I needed money. Someone put money into my account. I get it Satan youre real lol. I don’t know if I’m ready for any of this. I forget his presence.


Yeah it is @Angelic

So I attempted recently to summon satan and all I got was the feeling of his presence and something telling me I wasn’t ready for “their” master yet it was confusing to be quite honest


im not good at magick and clariaudience and all that stuff but i talked with some spirits that claimed to be satan 3 to be exact and the one with the voice calmed told me that i was her son and he was my father! he told me that when i was crying, he told me you are light and your hands are light,
you are only telling lies to god…
i dont know if this has happened to someone else that contact with him. but anyway he actually perfomed a demostration of his power he shaked the truck that i was on and it felt like an earthquake, and he did that because i told him to do a demonstration of his power, he is not as bad as the chrisitans says or maybe i cant scratch the surface of his madness yet.
the other ones that claimed to be satan were trying to get the worst of me, if you ever heard of nemesis from RE3 well the voices were almost equal and it seems they were only trying to demonstrate me that im not as good as i think, also recently i spoke with him and he told me “turn the lights off if you want to know me”…



Satan was the first hmm… “demon” I have worked with. From my experience He has 2 faces;

He is like the hurricane of fire - destructive, persistent, malicious, wrathful, tricky, powerful and ironic. Likes to show himself like the typical devil. He laughts at human ignorance and He is the one who throws you into the fire, so that you can see how strong you really can be. He will play with you, push you, test you and that’s all because of your inner power and development. He always will be the one who does not bow and will encourage you to do the same.

And … a warm guy. Really.
I came to him with open heart and he did it too.
He is caring, supporting… I would call like a fireplace. He warms you and you feel nice and more courageous. Always will listen to you and help you with any problem - If you really want to go further.

Little complex but definitively not Total Evil.


I’ve felt a really comforting, fatherly vibe from Satan. He has answered me directly when I asked for beginner demons to consider, after much reading about different Goetic demons. He feels pretty nice to me, I love his energy. Not at all unsettling. Also, he kept showing me an image of the Baphomet; this is pretty logical as I did a rite of Baphomet’s torch some month or two ago and I think he appears in a way that we can handle perhaps? Maybe he figures some can handle his darker aspect/s while others need a slightly lighter approach? I don’t know but he seems warm and caring.


Where did you get this sigil from ?

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It’s on this site but one of the first to show up in searches.

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The black witch coven have a sigil also.

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It’s horrifying, his presence. He comes when he wants, but it’s always around 330am. It’s always through a dream where all of a sudden everything turns dark and then sleep paralysis occurs. Energy goes from light to heavy. Instead of being calm and at ease, I scream like a little b*tch. You’d think after couple of times I’d get used too it, but no. When he delivers his message I’m stone cold scared and go into flight or fight mode (it just naturally happens). Then I wake up, I’m able to move again. I apologize to him for being an idiot lol and thank him. My reaction just never changes. I guess as a child I started seeing paranormal things and 99% led to attacks. So now even if Satan himself comes or other hell gatekeepers it’s become natural thing to scream no matter what. On a brighter note, at least now I can differentiate between who is who. :muscle: Hail Satan :heart:


yes you have earn their trust. youll eventually et used to their presence or it could be too much resistence.think of love and trust for the entity and evoking them when you feel the trust. it all changes afterwards. I used to have the same thing. i have was afriad of the dark. belail told me when i was swimming not to be afraid, to welcome it. the water was pitch black. i eventually could feel every night spirit and they wouldnt bother me while they bothered everyone around me.