What kind of symbol is this?

Good day! Is there anyone here who knows what kind and what is the function of these symbol? Thanks for those who will share their ideas

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I see the hexagram of Saturn, an all-seeing eye, and a few sigil-like scribbles.

Occult symbols like this usually mean more to the person who created it. Where did you find it?

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Well in google though. Thats the tattoo of kyrie irving in his right back hand. Anyways how bout this, what do you feel on my sigil?

This is my personal sigil.

It’s very aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion, but since the symbols will be personal, I can’t say what it might mean to you.

Have you ever seen Austin Osman Spare’s work on sigils? You might like it.

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I see. Im not familliar on him, who is he anyways?

He is a magician/artist who lived from 1886 to 1956 in the UK. He wrote a famous book called “Sigil Magick,” but apparently Amazon doesn’t carry it for some reason. He spent most of his magickal career working with sigils.

You can find out more about him here, if you’re interested. He was a fascinating character! The Strange Life of Austin Osman Spare, Chaos Magician

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Let me see thankyou my friend.

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I see that it has socalled “angelic script”


I believe that’s Enochian.

If I look up enochian, what I see is this:

But it’s my understanding that both scripts get used, I think. (I don’t really know much about the enochian stuff)

The Celestial script is NOT Enochian, it is simply angelic. Not all angels are associated with Enochian.


You’re probably right. I’m no expert in Angelic anything. Lol