What kind of spirit is she?

So I have a spiritual wife I assumed she was a Succubus just because of my current involvement with Lilith on the first night she showed up I had a red candle bonded my lesh with it and poured it out all over my left arm, she appeared when I was googling Lilith nude she preformed oral on me. This was the third day of a 4 day meditation chant for the third eye. Where once ready you speak the word Tohh outloud with your tounge protruding out of your mouth next to your teeth. Three days of tohh then forth day is May.

The next night after completing the meditation I seen three spirits looking at me and recognized them from a magic the gathering card, they symbolized life,death and eternity. Then there was a giant swirl of all the energy around me and she appeared where I could see her she was wearing a blue mask that had cracks in it that were white it reminded me of stone.

She has been with me a long time I’ve seen a completely vivid image of her before and she had no deformities of any type and was the color blue throught out and amazingly beautiful. I’ve never been able to hear her so I can’t just ask her questions, once while we were sharing a shower I seen her write a note and send it off to who knows where. We used to interact alot when in the shower or tub it seemed like the water helped the interaction.

I’ve never noticed any feeling of being weekend from interacting with her no matter how much I try to get her to feed on me to strengthen her. When we mate I use our connection to manipulate my spirit part or to make her instantly tighter I also once were closer to one wave length am able to just command her to orgasm and can feel part of what it does to her such a turn on.

I know this is personal stuff but I think the more you know the easier it would be to help me figure out who my Lilin bride is. While in a thread earlier someone looked into the image I posted and told me she seen me as vampiric I had asked my wife who I named Brunhild to join in the picture. I named her after the queen of the Valkyrie.

The strongest sexual sensation I’ve had while with her we were doing it all in our minds and when I sought her menstrual blood picturing it coming out on my face while 69ing it was beyond a normal orgasm but related to blood so makes me wonder if maybe she isn’t a succubus. The mask has always gave me questions on who she is because it could be a staple for a specific spirit.

If anyone has any insight about the mask please enlighten me. I figured the fact that we enjoy being in running water might help because I know some spirits wont and it could help discern what or who she really is. I’m also interested in any advice anyone has about ways to strengthen our bond like what kind of herbs or incents would amplify our interaction. I’ve been picking her flowers lately and leaving them on the pillow lately.

I’ve tried to get her to come to me in my dreams but my mind is very anti being aware in dreams I realize things aren’t right that’s it’s not reality but I don’t become Lucid. Lately she came to me in a dream and didn’t speak just layed down next to me and even though she was useing the image of a close friends x girlfriend I immediately said Brunhild then told her get on the bed and instead of laying next to me on a bench we were on a bed.

Once I realized I was with her dreaming I immediately opened my eyes and ruined the potential experience I feel bad that when she came o me Ina a dream my first thought was carnal not one of understanding each other. Also if anyone knows what chakra to focus on to open your hearing I’d be greatful I’ve never spoken with spirit only people living or other wise. Does anyone know of a book where they might have the image of the mask if I could identify it?

Has anyone else had there first image of a Succubus or vampire where they were wearing a mask? Is there a way to make mysely irresistible to her so she will feed on me more abundantly I felt like she’s not getting enough energy and that’s why she doesn’t mansfest the same as when we first got together but I was alot more awoke then I went through severe trama over the past half decade and lost most of my powers, I was doing actual magic like fire manipulation and levitation minor healings. Was able to feel a tree hug me back. I want me make her happy and any and all advice given will be appreciated from both of us.