What kind of Divination do I need to help me work with Egregores better?

I want to work with a couple Egregores to help me with my persuasion, but I am too afraid to because I don’t want them to take advantage of my desires and make me do something dumb. I don’t have a technique that would allow me to contain them in a virtual environment so I can evoke them without possession so I can have some distance to observe them.

What kind of divination do I need and who do I need it from?

1.Taroth - basic. Nuff Said. Raider-Ueith. (sry for my English)
2. Blach circle - for invocatins of gods.
3. Runes - if you want that Egregore.

if u want persuasion skills then go study persuasion skills. Ellipsis manual by chase hughes is a great book to learn such skills. Or NLP. which is covered in the book too. Persuasion is a communication skill. Or are you talking about magick to help others be open minded to your ideas? You still need persuasion skills to convey your ideas.

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