What kind of demons are these?

So, around two weeks ago, I saw and heard all kinds of things in my room late at night. This was after I invoked Lucifer, Samael, Lilith, Azazel, Asmodeus, Andras. The sigils were flashing, and I even seen the fiery red demonic face of Lucifer on the regular Lucifer sigil. I was in my own room and even saw a person’s spirit when I looked thru the crack of the door and he disappeared.

Rather than explain everything I saw that night, I had a question on what kind of demons are these when you see their faces moving through the wall. Kind of like this picture here:


The demonic kind of demons.

Joking aside, demons can take any shape they want. This must be one of them.


Uh that picture is kinda hard to go off of since that’s a representation of a God/Cernunnos. Usually demons have a actual true form, and not all of them have changing capabilities, but this is pretty generalized.

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Well, the faces were not as detailed as that, but they were definitely face is moving through the walls, and it was dark in my room, but I was still able to see them moving in the walls.

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I even asked Lucifer to show me a sign that he was present, and then all of a sudden, sparks started coming out of the candle.

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The demons came when you tried evoking them correct? or did they come with them? It could of been the demons that follow them when commanded. However, their faces moving through the walls might just be your perception of them. Demons normally have a actual body, form, and since they are on the energetic layer of the physical when they come here sometimes things can be kind of trippy. Demons can shapeshift, some can do illusion work/alter the perception of how a person perceives them.


None of the demons I invoked manifested except when I was talking to Lucifer thru his sigil, the face of a horned fiery devil appeared on the paper sigil I was holding. I was not expecting Lucifer to look like the Christian devil, but that’s what I saw.

That night, there was also a period when I looked up to the ceiling in the dark, but it was as if I was looking at the stars…Kinda like I was hallucinating or or seeing through the ceiling.