What kind of counterpart does want Lucifer / demons?

Hello !
So I am very new to the “left hand path”, and I was wondering, when you conclude a pact with a demon, including Lucifer, what kind of counterpart is asked ?
I saw someone say he’s been asked to get a sigil tattooed, or someone here did a scarification, but… what else ? I’m sure it’s not all about carving your skin. I also read someone had to sacrifice an animal every full moon for 7 years (but did it for only three years if I’m correct), but it’s very far from “just” carve their sigil in your arm, I mean, 7 years is a hell of a commitment.
I’m not ready yet to try to see for myself, I have a long way to go on to be able to call upon this kind of forces. But I’m very curious, I wonder what can we possibly offer to them they don’t already have ?

If I missed a post about it, please refer me to it I will delete this one. I saw information about offerings, but not on a deal’s counterpart.
And I apologize for my imperfect english, feel free to correct me :slight_smile:


You usually talk about the terms of any pact with the spirit in question. Generally, any requests to the spirits I work with I offer them a glass of my favorite brand of wine (White Zinfandel) as a reward if my request is met. While I haven’t used blood recently, blood is a very powerful offering. It’s easy to just go buy a lancet from a drug store, it’s the needle that people with diabetes use to measure their blood. And it’s a quick puncture in a finger.

I personally don’t do animal sacrifice, but that is also a powerful offering, though one sacrifice per every full moon for seven years is a bit of an extreme case.

Other offerings are incense, offerings of foods, precious stones and metals, raising awareness of the spirit, etc.


As you write you’re pact you choose what your most comfortable with
for example i had two friends
who made a pacts with there demons

One was so overwhelmed he agreed on sacrificing as an offer without thinking if he is able to do it or not

And the other one spent 15min Discussing on what he is able to give as offering ,till they both agreed on painting to honour him since he know he was good at painting.

One did not do his part of the pact while they other did

So one instantly lost everything he had and got spiritual attacks at night
I haven’t heard anything about him ever since :joy:
(Not trying to freak you put or something )
But that’s a fact

So it’s very important for you to offer somthing you’re capable of so you don’t end up like one being a bitch "ahhh the devil is after me"
know you’re capabilities
And it’s okay to say to you’re spirit that “I can’t do that” "how about that instead…"
At least they also admit if there not capable for a task
So why don’t you…
They don’t Not say shit like “I’ll do it ,I’ll do it” and not hear from them .
Be on your word and they’ll do the same.:slight_smile::+1:


Which demon asked for sacrifices?

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Thank you all for your answers !
@anon63404644 yes that’s exactly why I’m trying to figure out what kind of counterparts they want even if I’m not ready to do it yet. Like, the 7 years sacrifice for example… I was thinking about that and was like “I hope I won’t have to do something like this, I hope they don’t fulfill their task before a deal is decided :o”.
But this aspect of honesty and loyalty is not a struggle to me, I’m very introspective, frank and transparent. I think before I say/do something, I’m as true towards myself as I can be, and when I have an important business with someone I’m always very transparent, I don’t try to pretend anything. At the contrary. It helps me to stay calm, cold-blooded and confident, and to build respect and trust between me and whoever I’m dealing with, even if I have to say “sorry I’m scared/impressed/freezing I need 10 sec to take back my shit together”, I’ll take my deep breath and think carefully no matter what.
So obviously I have a lot to learn because I’m very new, but I’m not in a rush. The day I’ll evoke a demon will be the day I’m ready to do it and I’ll have done my homework as best as I could, including on myself.
I’ll have some struggles to work on but I don’t think stupidity / rush / dishonesty / pride will be one of them ^^
How does your friend handling ? I heard this can get pretty bad, doesn’t it ?

@TheStorm Hm, interesting what you’re saying about the planes and the spirit, I didn’t know that. What exactly does it imply to be an agent between the worlds, what does it change ?
Are blood pacts different than “oral” pact ? or do you seal an oral pact with a blood pact everytime ? Or is it 2 different things ?


Thank you for writing that answer. I was kind of shocked because I actually had no idea about the things you said but I DID those things consciously. I said words even! lol! I guess I was being led by the entities I was working with and did it without realizing that this was a “thing” they did. I guess what I am saying is I have already had what you said they wanted, proven to me…by them! Cool beans!

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Don’t worry at all
you don’t have to do ANYTHING that you don’t want to
And for that you’ll get respect from them
But make sure you don’t buy a product before knowing the price and how much you got in ya

That’s great , if get into contract stick with it till they end .

If you still have this fearful thoughts which is perfectly understandable
It is smart of you to choose not to start when your not ready.
I’m my opinion these are some tips to help you get rid of thos fears
● learning more and become more knowledged about your path helps you feel more comfortable and less anxious
And the fact that your knowledged enough to clean up your mess
●Changing your beliefs on subject and choosing to only beliefs what you see
●de toxic all this negative thoughts on the subject
●meditation ,lots of it calmed my anxiety
Those are things that helped me get rid of my fears
so I’m pretty excited to see how you develop as magician with you’re loyalty and commitment I’m sure you’ll do great.
feel free update your practices or questions.

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@anon63404644 I don’t plan to be afraid by the demon himself, buuuuut… well they are a lot, all seem to be different, so I can’t be 100% sure that none of them can frighten me a bit ^^’ . The “let me take a breath” thing is part of my daily life haha. It’s much better since I’m in witchcraft and a big girl but I used to be very shy in the past, it’s a part of my nature I had to do a big violence to myself for many years to be “normal” (and still struggle with some things), so it happened for job interviews or oral tests or things like that, and I can’t be 100% sure it won’t happen again, especially in such case :p, the “omg it actually worked” moment for example lol.

But yeah, you pretty much summarized the homework I want to get done before playing the dark priestess :stuck_out_tongue: I just got rid of all the “evil nasty demons” christian brainwash crap in my mind, and that’s what brought me here, but it’s very fresh, I need to settle it, and I have a few parasite thoughts left. I actually plan to wash the remains by meditation on sigils!
But I think I’ll have everything I need for my theory on this website :smiley:
I have a few posts to create for my other questions, maybe I’ll see you there :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for being so encouraging ! I think I’ll be fine in the end too, I’m pretty confident about all of this, just need to learn and take things in order, but I don’t feel like something’s wrong or not for me in that direction. So I’m very excited too !!

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Blood pact in the sense that through the ritual your blood is transubstantiated so that you and the Spirits in a way come to share blood. Their are commitments that are spoken as the ritual is performed so their is an oral element to it, but it’s quite different from your usual pact. It’s an eternal binding. You become a conduit for the Spirits to manifest into this world, and in return they grant you power.