What just happened?

So for the past few months I have been trying to get back a past lover. It hasn’t really worked out though. It seems to come in waves. I will do a spell or an invocation or an evocation. I then for the most part forget about it. Then a few days or a week weeks later I am reminded of it, realize nothing has happened, and then try a different tactic. I have only had one other manisfestion of a spirit before this event but that’s a story for another time.

So my new plan was to try to contact a spirit in the astral because trying to evoke one in the physical hasn’t worked. So I was trying to soul travel but I was unsuccessful until a few days ago.

So I was in my bed trying to get to the crossroads and then out of nowhere I feel like I am being pulled into somewhere. I would say it was a dream but this felt WAY TOO REAL to be a dream. So I enter wherever I was I believe it was the crossroads ??? Anyways right when I get there what I see standing there was a naked woman who was very beautiful. I don’t know her name because I forgot to ask. Anyways, the conversation went like this:

Her: “So I see you are having trouble winning the heart of ______ again”

Me: “Yes, I have”

Her: “Well I can help you out.”

I was foolish for trusting a spirit who’s name I didn’t know but she was friendly and seemed willing to help. So after talking for a while we made a pact saying if she brought her back into me and kept her there she would get offerings and could use our sexual energy. The pact was long and I made sure all loopholes were covered. In the pact I put that I wanted to see manifestations quickly. She agreed and told me I would see a text from her as soon as I woke up. After the conversation I felt like I was being pulled out of there and back into the physical world.

I went straight to my phone.

No text.

So I texted her first.

No response.

It’s been a few days since this happened.

What did I just experience?

Why would a spirit say they will do something and then not follow through?

Or was it just a dream and part of my imagination?

What did I just experience?

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maybe you should´ve been more patient and waited for the text, i think that´s why the plan failed, but there´s also the possibility that the spirit just wanted to fuck with you, i don´t know :no_mouth:

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My intention was to soul travel to Duke Sallos. So the spirit seemed to have tried to make contact with me, so if me not being patient caused the plan to fail, what can I do now? I have no clue how to contact the spirit considering I don’t know it’s name?

well who knows, maybe you can seek another entity to help you with your request

Contacting another spirit won’t work if you aren’t patient. Next time try (cause I know it’s hard to take control) to ask her name. Oh and ask her about a timeframe to manifest.

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Can you explain what you mean by that?