What just happened? Woman just put some shit in my energy body

Sitting at a table feeling great. Then this older woman pulls up, I catch her staring at me.
I sense a shift in energies and it feels like she put something in my chakra, specificaly solar plexus. It feels like a dense energy
I could feel the energy going in.
Im using reiki to remove spells right now.

Any suggestions?

It’s all in your head. People don’t go around cursing strangers.

Scan yourself

LOL Yeah, they do. This forum is full of people who will curse anyone who even looks at them funny.


Belial says this was a test and a return of karma from when i used to walk around as a pissed off energy vampire.
A mirror from the past to show me the contrast between how im living now and then.
And a lesson in empathy.
Glad I chose the most stern teacher first before working with others.


Actually people do all the time. I was cursed in highschool by a goth couple for no reason other than the fact we always made eye contact when passing. Made my life horrible for a good 9yrs. Never did anything to them to warrant such a thing. I ultimately did a cleansing bath and reversal ritual with The Morrigan and sent it back to them. Been fine ever since.

Incase wondering: I know for a fact it was them because the energy when I focused on it came back to them and it was confirmed by spirit. I also felt the shift in myself when they did it.

If it is a lesson from Belial than I have no advice to offer atm other than to keep learning from him.


People have a tendency of passing on whatever they are carrying, intentionally or not.

In cases like this, I manipulate the energy by directing it into my stomach, visualizing it being broken down by the acid. What I can use, I allow to travel to my intestines to be absorbed in my body while channeling what is useless up my throat and exhale it out, using black smoke as the visual. Kind of a “whatever is thrown at me only makes me stronger” kind of thing.


I really like this approach, thank you. :+1:
Lately ive been using apple cider vinegar as im told by spirit as an empath i have too many emotions to be broken down by my stomach acid.
It seems to be helping.

That’s cuz they paranoid and it’s all in their heads that others are out to get them. thinking all kinds of issues up in their heads when it’s just a normal occurrence of everyday life. =o) a little disturbance that don’t go their way and they think it’s end of the world kind of event. A negative thought cross their mind and they think it will be true. Have some kind of bad luck and they think them demons are possessing or haunting them. lol Granted most of these are from newbies though. It’s movie magick for them. haha.

I don’t know about you folks but in my neck of the woods. it seems i’m the only one into magick. lol If your surrounded by witches, wickens , bad magicians cursing left and right into devil killing ways then i don’t know what to say other then you attract those things into your life. :man_shrugging: I’ve yet to meet one witch in real life. lol maybe i’m good at screening them out. or repel them naturally.

Or maybe i got my shit together mind/body and spirit and don’t bring in negative situations in my life. Or i don’t create enemies. The other thing is i don’t go around thinking bad stuff so i don’t attract those things. my mind is usually quiet and silent.

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Just curious, I used to be a Lil shit (as I mentioned in this post) and when I was in high school I did some particularly stupid things here.
Now Im pretty sure i paid off a good portion of this karma (actually my pact with belial was about helping me overcome my shadow and to face my karma. Was the scariest 2 weeks of my life, and i met my twin flame, had a kundalini awakening immediately upon meeting her and practically fell in love, it fell apart then i ended up getting cursed by her and literally had a whole town of metaphysical people turn against me. Yeah… Belial wants me to write a book about this experience.
(Just pointing out i have paid for my actions before i mention this)

How do i reverse any curses i may have intentionally or unintentionally created? I used to be pretty bad with this, and I have multiple times asked source for people to be released from my curses…
Anything additionally I need to do?

shouldn’t belial tell you how to do it since your working with him?

That would be awesome. A town of metaphysical people. I rarely meet such people. lol Somehow i meet the crazy superficial normal people. materialistic. Guess they scared of me cuz i can see through people’s BS. they don’t want trust seeker in their life.

You must of done something really bad for twin flame to curse you. Big sign there.

I ended up canceling that pact, like i said scariest 2 weeks of my life. Been reluctant to contact him due to the constant tests he gives and constant shifts in and around me.
When youre in Belials world, he practically owns you. Even the replies i got from people when I was in trouble were just replies he gave them.
Scary shit seeing him possess strangers in front of you.

Lol. I made a deal with him to be free from this pact. Learned some lessons in the process.

nothings’ free. U expect him to help you with no fun in his part? lol.

just cast a spell to invalidate any magick cast upon you and do protection spells. easy peasy.

there’s nothing to fear. it’s cuz you are attached to your life and control issues. no attachments means no fear of death.

maybe cuz i find horror entertaining so i have no fear. Curiosity of magick spirit world over run my fear. I would be asking question about how demon posses that person. can i get such and such demon to possess another to my benefit? how useful can it be rather then being in trauma. haha. Gotta have entrepreneur mind about these demons events gone wrong. lol

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I am by no means an expert with curses (Lucifer usually talks me out of doing them) I welcome more input from other more experienced members.

I am the offensive/aggressive type so I am not sure about undoing a curse I would send out. But I suppose you could do this with candle magic. In theory all things are connected to us as we are all in reality one, so maybe use a candle and empower it to absorb and reverse all curses you have cast.

I would cleanse your chakras and energy body with light,infernal energy pushing out all the negative energy as black smoke or mist.

If you know their names, write them down or make a sigil representing all the curses you have cast or a sigil to represent all the people you have or think you may have cursed.

If you make a sigil you will need to open it with the intention of it representing all the ones effected by your curses. If using names, push energy into the paper and see it glow then state that all the names on the paper are no longer cursed and are freed from their torment (The statement of intent will come from you so you know what is best to say) these are just quick examples.

Hold the candle with both hands and empower it to remove and negate all curses that have been cast by you purposely or not and free those effected from their torment. Place the candle on top of the names or sigil. Light the candle and state your intention again but add the phrase " as this candle burns" as the first thing you say when stating your intention. Each time the candle is lit repeat the intention. See black smoke being pulled from the names/sigil going into the candle flame being burned by it.

Trust and know it is working. You will know when it is done by intuition or spirit letting you know, then get rid of the candle. Do as many times as you feel is needed.

This is what I would do if I was concerned about this.

I used this method to heal my grandma from covid-19 and it worked but I combined energy work and asked spirits for help as well. I worked on her for a few days and kept pushing energy into the candle. She lives in Chile so it was long distance healing.

Lucifer or Belial can guide you as well. If the pact you ended with Belial was civil and no ill intent was made, I am sure he will still help you otherwise contact Lucifer for guidance. They can teach us how to do many things but won’t always do them for us.

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How do you go about a reversal ritual?

Grail of the Serpent has a curse reverse video on YouTube you can check out.

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I don’t remember the ritual exactly but it was in a book I had a long time ago. More or less this is what I did.

I did a cleansing bath and then used incense with spellwork to remove the energy and pull it into a candle and asked The Morrigan to remove the curse and all negative attachments from me. Instead of just removing the energy from my aura, I sent it back to them once it was in the candle. I could see an energy line coming from me going out my window and knew it was a link to them. I also visualised them around a fire burning a picture of me and various other things and used that as a way to link me to them stronger. Through this I visualised their fire going out and my picture not burning. I saw them give up and not be able to project energy from their hands before being consumed by the black smoke I sent them. I added my intent that it could not return to me and that they would suffer more than I had or die if I was attacked again.

Some curses are not really that strong especially when they come from inexperienced people or those who just cast them left and right so they are easily removed. The more dangerous ones require more work or the help of others to combat and remove. The channel @Donaldf973 mentioned is a good resource. Frank provides good info and no nonsense ways to do different things.

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Instead of worrying about curses that may be true or not. work on magick that help you prosper. focus on your wants/desires not on what you don’t want.

thanks for this - I have been a very negative person and I KNOW I have done this a lot, unawares

just curious - what happened in the end to those Goth ppl? did you find out anything?


No, I never checked in on them. I had negative energy coming at me afterwards but it stopped eventually after using a mirror shield to bounce it back. I honestly don’t care what happened to them. My way is destroy and forget so if I go after someone or defend myself I have no remorse or care of the outcome of anyone involved.

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