What just happened to me?

Hello all, sorry for the long threat. so this is my third attempt at beginning a life of Magick. To get right to the point the fear of supernatural things happening stops me. I’m afraid of seeing some creepy figure out of the corner of my eye or hearing a voice out of no where (which happened twice during my last go at this and had a lot of negative and bad energy in my house, I cleansed the house and it stopped). Most of all I’m afraid of unintentionally involving my wife and 2 year old son and something happening to them. I just can’t risk them. Forgive me if I don’t make much since I’m still trying to gather myself, all day long today I’ve had this subject of walkin this path on my mind, and perhaps by chance I stumbled across a couple threats about Lucifer being a great Demon to begin with so therefore Lucifer has been on my mind quite a bit today. So the wife and kid are asleep and I’m settin on the front porch enjoying a nice evening and of coarse Lucifer,magick,dealing with fear are constantly on my mind. AND then somethin happened,as a beginner I’m not positive what it was but I have a pretty good idea…I think…as I set there thinking I can’t do this, I’m just honestly to afraid .I start to feel that feeling, u know the feeling that your not alone anymore, that something is there and chills run down your back and honestly I started to get scared, it became more intense and I started to speak out loud “no leave me alone, I don’t want this, I’m not fooling with magick I can’t do this no!” haha…well the feeling didn’t stop and it became more and more intense BUT then it changed. I wasn’t afraid no more. All of a sudden I left better than I ever have before, I felt powerful, a ton of energy, I left like I could do anything,I felt as if I could bring down a mountain and not even lift a finger.Its almost indescribable. This went on for several minutes and gradually I began to feel myself again. WHAT WAS THIS I WAS FEELING???


The light at the end.


Well put! Thank you

Lucifer said hi… lol! And wanted to show you clearly there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear living without power and knowledge. Fear living the rest of your life asleep, and manipulated. Powerless. But don’t fear your saviour from all that.

I love Lucifer. Many do. He has been kind and patient, and loving and honest and nothing but good to me. Now, I know he treats everyone like an individual so my relationship with him may be different from your experience with him. But he is an awesome teacher and if you have the opportunity to learn, I’d say take it.


@LuckyD I would say the same as @nikki, so I will add. I’m a Christian, only very liberal and without the dogma. I’m here to change the course because I cannot believe that every Pagan/Ancient God is evil. So even in my believe I got enough bagage to be scared and I was. I saw scary things to in the beginning. But if you feel scared you can always call on that same energy again. And that is what I did. So if it doesn’t go the way you want it to, focus on the sigil of Lucifer and ask for protection. You will get more self confidence and you see your own power and then you don’t get scared anymore. Mostly the scary part will be gone than and this is the beginning.


Another thing is your not blind communicating with a spirit like with some Ouija board. Mostly you take a sigil, incantation, enn and aks your questions. So the right spirit is always there if you trust yourself and don’t be afraid anymore.


Thanks Nikki and Borgy, I do feel like this was showing me not to let my fear get the best of me. I’m just so new to all this, I barely even meditate. it was just such a indescribable feeling. My fear was almost to the point of panic and right when I felt like panicking, I seemed to subconsciously stand up and I said to myself “stop letting fear hold you back in everything” and after that moment it turned into a amazing, powerful feeling. What should be my next step guys? Should I attempt to communicate with lucifer?

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It depends on what you want to achieve in Magick. Lucifer is a good starting point.
And you can explore LHP/RHP. For myself I work with Angels and Daemons. Only at this point still more with Angels. I will see where it will lead me.

Well mostly the starting point is an invocation or evocation. Evocation is invite the spirit to come to you, invocation is into you. But it’s nice to know each other first. Depends on how you feel.

My Tools: A nice bowl with candles (red and white, big ones) and little ones (white). Sometimes a spirit or a spell have other colors. But my opinion is more about the connection than the tools at hand.
To see the spirit I use incense (you see with your third eye), so If you easily connect already than this isn’t necessary perse.

Write your questions down in a notepad

  1. Practice meditation till you get in that almost sleepy feeling (focus on 1 object, blurry sight). For one it will take 5 minutes, for another 20 and for some 30 minutes.
  2. Open the sigil from the spirit. Focus until the lines get vague or until you get a 3D or blurry look.
    Not only the sigil works but the name chanting or prayer will work to.
  3. Incantation/ENN call it over and over again until you establish a good connection.
  4. Ask your questions. Write the answers down.
  5. Dismissal. You can leave now. For Lucifer. You may leave when you wish.
  6. Banishing ritual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvpmcOtynM0 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzLE415vAvo
    If you think you’ll need banishing. In my opinion, I focus on the spirit I want to invite, so I do not always use banishing to be honest.
    Banishing is for energies that aren’t invited.

So the other channel I’ve send you (motivation magic) I learned a lot from. I invite you to look into this forum and on youtube to. There are great teachers out there.


Oh and the communication part is mostly training your senses. Some hear the spirit (clairvoyance), some smell, some see pictures in their head, here music. It’s not like supernatural that a person knocks on your door :wink:


If you get worried about demonic energy messing with your loved ones, perhaps you should work with angels instead?

Some resources on angelic entities here and here.


Sounds to me like Lucifer was saying hello. He doesn’t push himself on you so don’t worry. He was likely letting you know you have nothing to be afraid of and was introducing himself. If you want to work with him id start now, as he seems interested. He wouldn’t show up if he didn’t take a liking to you.


Before I went down my current path I didn’t work with any entities and I had a lot of similar fears I suggest if you . keep having these fears then practice banishing and methods of spiritual self defense and it will bring a lot of confidence I do work with demonic entities and I have nothing but high praise for them if you do decide to work with Lucifer he can help you including to help protect you if you are in a fight you can’t win but even if youdecide not to work with him you might want to find an entity you want to work with it’s nice to have somebody watching your back also try to learn to set up barriers around your house and you will be able to stop most things from entering and you will at least be able to tell if something does enter


Thanks everyone for all the comments,they have been insightful and helpful. That was definitely a first for me and it was indescribable and I gotta admit a bit of a culture shock actually feeling something like that for the first time. I definitely enjoyed it greatly and am very grateful,I still want to proceed with caution because like I said I’m still a beginner. As a beginner would it be to much for me to focus on his sigil tonight evoke him and thank him for what he did and perhaps to ask him to teach,guide and protect me? And how if in the future I want to perform baneful magick would he be proper to use?

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sound like trial by fear. I have had similar experince when one of the ancient ones tried to scare me but in the end when you get over your fear then you have nothing to fear and you feel at peace and powerful


Probably. Go ahead and say thank you, but if you are brand new maybe an evocation is a bit much with kids in the house until you have gained some strength and defenses.

@LuckyD: honest question. Do you know banishing techniques? Are your astral senses tuned? Do you know how to differentiate between a trickster/imposter and the actual spirit you are calling upon?

If the answer to any of these is ‘no’, then I would suggest starting with the basics for a solid foundation. You probably did sense the Lucifer; it sounds right. But can you even ask to be sure?

I’m not trying to fear monger, but this IS NOT A GAME, so no offense to any advice given above but I would disregard most of it until you can hear, see or sense what you call, and have the ability to send it packing if you don’t want anything to do with it.

An LBRP is good, an LBRP is great, but if that is all you are armed with than you all may be in for a rough ride.


Thank you for that advice! And I feel your words to be 100% true! I understand the basics of meditation and I know how to cleanse myself and house with sage but that’s about it to be down right honest with you. I definitely want to be confident in my ability to banish,protect myself and my family and have the ability to know when something shows up that I didn’t call. I badly desire to have a positive and working relationship with lucifer but I don’t even have a solid foundation laid for myself at this point. I’ve been told he is patient and understanding with people. So surely in all of his wisdom he can understand this? I ask this because I don’t want to miss an opportunity or disappoint but nonetheless I’m not ready.

If you are a brand new beginner then you have a lot of reading and studying to do. And practice meditating and protecting. Putting up shields and banishing. Read about everything you can get your hands on. The wheel of the year. Entities, rocks, crystals, herbs, energy work shadow work, the various paths and beliefs. The plains of existance. The Qliphoth, but get the basic practices down. Then learn about evocation and invocation. I started out with Wicca and the Golden Dawn. Tarot amd divination as well as shields, banishing, protection and the different gods. Oh. Grounding and cleaning your chakras and. Aura. Can’t forget that. I know I’m forgetting a lot. But I hope this is a good base to start from. What i learned is the MORE i learned the more i saw just how much i didn’t know and had to learn!! And it still goes on that way. Study one thing and uncover 4 more things i need to research. So have fun. This is going to be a long journey.

Of course, man! You might even get a boost or two while you are building up to working directly with him, and just not realize it. I would not worry about the Lucifer in regards to your family; it is the things that get drawn to you from the astral once you begin practicing that generally cause the most headaches. I have not known the Lucifer to attack innocents.

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If you are looking for a good training regiment and a basic plan then you can use the joyofsatan extension site angel fire just ignore all of the racist stuff and everything else is golden they have good info and shows you a place to start and when and if you feel ready to evoke Lucifer or other demonic entities they have plenty of info on that and I do agree with woodsman you might want to be able to protect yourself before you really start to dive in and p.s. Lucifer seems to like people who can be self reliant you build up your power first and start working down your path and discovering your abilities you just may impress him a little

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