What just happened? Can someone please help me interpret this weird dream?

Hello everyone! I just woke up and had the weirdest dream ever. I’m trying to search the meaning of my dream but if anyone out here is willing to give me their insights, I’d very much appreciate it!

So here goes…

It was night time and I was at a rooftoop pool. Suddenly, I saw Thor. (Yes, in Chris Hemsworth’s body) and he asked me to look at the moon which I did. I saw a humongous moon with clouds covering it and Thor used his “powers” to remove the clouds so I can see it clearly… he said, “That was me!” when he removed the clouds and he was smiling… then he brought the clouds back to cover the moon and I looked at him and said, “Wait! I want to see it again!” and he used his powers again to remove the clouds. That’s when I was left in awe upon seeing the moon. It was really huge and it has the silhouette of buildings. It was really beautiful! I even remember that my jaw dropped because of how the moon looked like. Please see the photo below.


This is the closest reference of the moon I saw in my dreams. Then Thor said, “Yep, that was me!” again and he was happy, he was smiling.

Suddenly I fvcking fell into the water. I wasn’t afraid knowing that I didnt know how to swim and I could even see Thor when I fell. In my head, I was about to laugh actually then a certain name popped into my head… When I fell I said to myself, “I was not ready to be Jessa Vasquez!” and I can tell that I was about to laugh while spewing out the water. I do not know any Jessa Vasquez in the waking world wtf :rofl:

So just a little side note: I used Necronomicon Spellbook by Simon to work with the 4th name of Marduk yesterday. :thinking: so yeah idk wth was that :rofl:


Hello? Anyone? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, Alexandria.

Maybe is just a dream about being excited with your current magickal workings?

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Reyyyyy! It’s been a while! Yes, thank you. I was just flabbergasted and thought that this could give me some sort of signs :rofl: I literally wrote this post moments after waking up then slept again afterwards :rofl:

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Jaja, I get it!

It may be just a dream. It happens, not everything has a meaning.

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I’m a little hammered right now so bear with me…

First thought is that you’re not familiar enough with various deities. When you think of a male, you thought of Thor. While lunar deities tend to more often be female, some were male. One that comes to mind is Thoth being the aspect of the full moon.

The light of the moon is an illusion. It speaks to our subconscious. This is illustrated on the XVIII The Moon tarot card. On that same card, twin towers are on either side. The card is associated with the lower spirit Netzach and Malkuth.

I’d start researching there.

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Oh wow! Thank you @longlostredemption, I’ll go ahead and read more about Thoth. :slight_smile: Been working with the 4th name of Marduk so I’m just trying to connect the dots.

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