What I've been dealing with

So I worked 6 days last schedule but because of how the schedule works before today my last day off was last Monday. .

I’ve been working while trying nurse my foot which started as this

Then this

And now this

I’ve also done my best to keep working on my evoking Tiamat Challenge and I’ve went through 7 gates and 7 hells …
So when Tiamat calls me a beautiful bitch and says work for it , she isn’t joking. I’ve pushed myself hard and Ive had to fight through alot physically and mentally and emotionally. …

I hope this will motivate you guys to keep going even when everyone would just sit with their foot propped up…
Slap an ace bandage around that shit and get er done!!

I’m taking 3 different antibiotics and I’m healing.

Some would say I’m posting a weakness but I say I’m posting motivation. It all comes down to how bad you want it … fight for it.

Dr’s think it’s a spider bite Idk I was cleaning around my porch and it started stinging like a fire ant bit me … but I didn’t see what it was. Oh and the marker is because it started to have red streaks which is not good. So if the red went past the marker anywhere I was told to get to a Dr asap.


That mark looks hella familiar…
Arachne May be wanting yo attention

And Hell yes to the Motivation :metal:

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It actually looks almost like a Key/Lock

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Lol I just heard,
“Really Nigga”

Yes, Arianna, Really :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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The cut in the center is where they lanced it and took a culture.

But yea it does that’s interesting


:joy::joy::joy: you always make me laugh :joy::joy:

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To start necrotizing like that…i have only seen it from one spider, a brown recluse.


I am ME and I approve of this message :heart_eyes:

You go, baby girl :kissing_heart:

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Thank you Daddy :rose:

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Someone else said that too

I think @Dinmiatus, was saying that … Brown recluse

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That’s a spider bitehow ever there are many types of spiders that cause that so I cant say I can identify which one could have done it but the brown recluse is in my top 5

A widow will too, unless I am mistaken?

Depends on which one but yes also a australian red back spider will as well

At least you can walk on your own with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The problem with what she has is that the bite will keep swelling until it bursts then itll get infected and that’ll cause more problems cause it will EAT through bones too and tendons so yeah fun stuff

She’s been to the doctor and is on antibiotics and it can be seen from the pics that it is healing, so I think her foot will be alright :slight_smile:

I’m surprised the doctor wasn’t able to identify what might have bitten her though. If black widows or brown recluse spiders are common where she lives, then they should recognize it. :thinking:

Yes. Also wide bites are uncommon(deadly ones at least) so I wouldn’t be surprised now if she lives in a area where red back spiders are common then it would make sense since there’s no antivenom for it(I may be wrong about the antivenom idk)

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I am not familiar with that particular type of spider. We don’t really have any venomous spiders where I live, unless they hitch a ride in with imported fruit, which has happened a few times with both black widows and brown recluse.

Look up the Australian red back spider

@Eye_of_Ra lives in the southern US, so I’m not sure how a spider native to Australia would have bitten her. That would definitely be the work of a spider god…