What is your way of invoking a demon?

My way is just chanting the enn while looking at a sigil for only up to 5 minutes. Then I repeat my request 5-7 times.

What is your way of doing it and what do you think about when you guys invoke demons? Do you listen with music at all? Do you chant certain watchwords or perform a specific ritual before invoking demons?

How quick were the results? Did you notice something immediately or did it take a few days/weeks/months/years? Is 5 minutes enough or should I do more?

Etheric projection and find them. Not so much invoking but still a meeting nonetheless.


The way I do it is I gaze upon the sigil, chant and then go into a meditation, sometimes with the assistance of meditation music relating to said entity


What is etheric projection? What do you mean by find them?

Etheric projection is projecting to the etheric plane (basically the spiritual plane) , where most the beings mentioned here reside, and find them as in explore, ask around, basically find them, because some beings you can’t just enter their homes or territory. However, there’s also doing evocation while there and having them find you.


How long did you practice to get into the etheric plane?

What methods do you use

I’ve worked on my senses for years, but took maybe 2 weeks to fully grasp etheric projection.

I use partial projection or trance/full projection, usually the same method for projecting to the astral/mental I just shift my focus to the etheric/spiritual.

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