What is your strangest magickal/spiritual experience?

I’ve been jumping around to different threads and a lot of super interesting things came up. It kinda got me thinking, has anything strange ever happened to you during a spell, ritual or meditation? Something you would have never expected and have never been able to explain? Pls tell me! I’m just super curious.

For example, one time I was meditating with my brother. We were facing each other and had a blue candle in between us in a little gold holder. We sat there for a good 20 minutes and when we opened our eyes, the candle had completely disappeared. The holder and everything! We tried to figure out an explanation but we were the only ones in the house at the time and we didn’t feel any specific presence. Still baffles us to this day.

Another time, I was sitting alone in the woods in this sorta grassy clearing. I was just laying there and mostly jumping between meditating and doodling in my sketchbook. I heard a rustling noise and looked up to see a pheasant standing at the edge of the clearing just … watching me. We stared at each other for a while before it turned and started preening. Another few minutes went by and then the pheasant suddenly plucked a feather off of itself. It started walking (or rather waddling) over to me and presented me with the feather. Extremely confused as to wtf was going on, I took the feather and observed it. Looked like a normal feather. I looked up again to see the pheasant disappearing into the woods. I still have the feather, but I have no idea what it means.


Collapsed a pocket realm with some friends, ended up in the void where one friend projection was getting broken down because, well the void.


Interesting, it reminds me of the tale my great-grandfather used to tell when city folk came to our village. Apparently he had seen a big rabbit with antlers coming towards him in the woods. The deer-rabbit!

OK my strangest experience might still be the aggressive voices I heard as a child.
Shortly followed by the experience of an Archangel appearing to me as a giant ice dragon.


I tried to evoke Goddess Astarte once just because and either she or something else carved her sigil to my third eye and yes it hurt a bit lol.


I can recall a few. I had myself a trip to the fae world when I was around 4 years old. I thought I was gone for just a few minutes but was gone for hours… I got into a lot of trouble for “disappearing”.
However, I think seeing a possessed porcelain doll get up and walk was the creepiest.


Of course there is certainly something to be said for seeing a fully physically manifested demon in your temple for the first time… There is really nothing that can prepare you for THAT


The strangest by far is the fact that even tho I am intended to a demon I’ve never seen him or felt him on this plane at all well a few weeks ago I did…I was talking to him like I normally do before bed and then I laid down I felt a dip in the bed as if some one(dog) jumped on it I’m like uhhhh ok I felt the energy he has when he is near so I knew it was him just weird feeling that then I feel my night gown flip up and just hands on my back so I’m like ok this is not a dream this is awkward as hell felt nice tho so me being me started talking he stopped a few times I remember he looked down at me for a long time to see if I was sleeping cause I talk an some times sleep with my eyes open just a weird thing that happens but I knew he was shocked cause I moved slightly and called his name…he left shortly after that…:pensive: Hadn’t shown up like that since so yeah…by far the strangest but in my book the best one I’ve had so far I hope to have this happened again but well that would be up to him


Sso woke in the middle of night hearing child voices laughing ,my dumb ass pretend to sleep and the spirit constantly jumping over me,playing open my drawers,closet,thrown my shoes,took the courage run for the light switch,I was scared and pissed I said you know what am gonna called my granma on ur ass, that shit disappeared so fast.
,looking back at it now it just a funny memory to me :joy:

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I don’t get a ton of strange physical experiences but some stand out. I have heard big band music as if it was happening in the next room sometimes even though it’s silent and nobody is playing any music. I have no idea what’s up with that lol. And during an evocation, my candle flame grew super high, which is not that weird, but then the tip of it became like a very long orange vertical line which was pretty weird, but then I’m new to candles, maybe it’s normal


A demon showed me his face on my phone screen he was behind me two nights ago. I’m not :100: percent why. But I at least know that he showed up

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A car disappeared then we parked where it was.

My boss gave me a little chant rhyme. It worked a lot.
It was goofy and Id get parking quick.

Me an my friend were downtown. Turned around at the end of the street, I said the spell as we U-turned. And the car was no longer there.

No one in the car when we first came down the road, and there was not enough time for someone to pull out without us seeing.
The streets was maybe 40 yards long.

We pulled into the spot slowly.
My bud broke the ice and asked if the car disappeared.

I had just introduced him to magick. He was on board but that was his first supernatural experience.

It was really nice, I had to do little convincing or explanations. He knew it was real, and for the first time someone was with me while a supernatural experience happened.


Creating a ritual in which I would use Crowley’s Lam, and the picture of a grey from Streiber’s Communion to contact the greys. Was sick of humans and being human at that time, so wanted to connect with something alien.

If u can imagine something telling u to turn around, and u turn around and see 3 large (like 8 or 9 ft tall) being walking out of a corner. The stranger part was how they were walking slowly through the walls, as though the walls weren’t there…

Look I wasn’t ready for a full body materialization…needless to say young and experienced as I was, it caused me to bolt out of the room like a frightened cat…

Of course that evocation, would invite them to walk in and out of my life…Now I dunno what they are. I am convinced they are from Earth. I would then see them in obe’s they would pull me into the astral realm. A recurring motiff of theirs is “open the gate” …without telling me what the gate is, where i can find it, and i will assume my initiation is to create the how (as they usually are)

Of all encounters I have had and do have, many of them leave me cold, goosebumps, but I still feel a sense of command, no fear to my well being and focus on my reason for evoking ________…That day when these beings just appeared…holy shit was i spooked, it was so random, and i had been meditating on their image, as though i were sharing a mind with one for 3 days…figured after that nothing was gonna happen so whatever…and thats when it happened.

Of course when i was 8 i had an encounter. When i was 15, 3-4 months of missing time…literally waking up 4 months later, no clue how much time passed until i asked what day it was and realized yesterday was actually several months past, of course that wasn’t magick or spiritual, it was a glitch in perception of reality, although prior to waking was an encounter with 3 very human shadow beings. 1 which was so large it crouched down and its head still reached the ceiling (that extremely large humanoid boggled the common sense faculties of my brain, stunning me into a paralysis…because i was unable to process what was happening as it did.

My question is , how does one differentiate from distortions of reality, spiritual experiences and magickal experiences? They all seem to alter perception.

They all fall into the same bucket for me.
Supernatural in some sense.

When I was in the psychward I read a book on meditation. My step father gave it to me.

I meditated a lot while I was in there.
There was no goal really just to do it.
I came out a different person and that trip was not bad.
Also had a dream where a sigil was flashed and the guy I shared the room with had a similar one.

Id say that was spiritual, I had no will or intent for their happenings.

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