What is your most powerful magickal moment?

So what is your most powerful or significant moment in your magickal practice? What moment got you hooked on magick? What moment told you beyond any other that this is real, this is powerful and I want more of it?

I’ll share shortly, I’d just like to hear from you guys and gals out there first.

I don’t believe there is a single event in my case…I think that my father played a big part in it in some ways…For one, even though he was Christian and I was brought up in that belief system, he always made sure I was aware of the fact that there were indeed beings such as angels and demons, and it would be foolish to think otherwise…He also taught me many things, especially about perception that I would later read over in esoteric text…Sometimes now, I wonder if he was a closet occultist…Lol…Anyways, when younger I had a lot of weird things happen that there was no explanation for. An example is one night my father and I were watching a tv concert starring Elvis and he made a joke, and on the shelf across the room there was a piece of driftwood that had two porcelain birds attached by metal wire, the birds started banging into one another…We both watched this and laughed…That started me on reading everything I could about spirits, ghosts, angels, demons, etc…I had a lot of other things happen, such as at one place, I was in the house alone…My bed started shaking, something knocked everything off of my dresser in a clean swipe, and my radio that was unplugged started playing…Pretty scary…This was years before I had a grasp of my current reality and thought that the devil was after my soul…One too many horror movies I reckon, lmao…It still would be scary if it happened today, but I was 12 at that point…That year was really when my awakening started, and I began to read everything I could get my hands on concerning other religions, and belief systems…I started doing some basic yoga, and meditating for hours each day…I was able to move a piece of chalk an inch or two across the floor at that time, couldn’t do it now to save my life…I had called my best friend over to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating…That definitely was a motivation to learn more and know for a fact that this is all very real, and powerful…I think one thing that differs with me compared to a lot of people is that I wasn’t on this path questing for power, I was on it to discover myself, and my real identity, and to become enlightened/enhance my natural abilities…I was lead here by that demonic being, I felt and still feel that I have a lot of great things to accomplish while here…

Thanks for sharing. We seem to have similar upbringings, my mom is wiccan in a family of pentecostal ministers so I heard all about angels and demons and spirits constantly. my dad used to tell me about all these o.b.e.'s and astral projections he used to experience in his teens and he is really into tarot and runes. I got into looking for truth I couldn’t find elsewhere and reading about how the most powerful were using magick to run the world. So I said if they’re doing it there’s got to be something to it.

My most exciting or powerful moment was during a curse I had done. I had found one of those pocket Gideon’s bibles laying in a trash can someone had scribbled a bunch of anti religious shit all through it but I felt compelled to keep it. The curse called for me to read a couple of psalms while performing the curse. As I started reading aloud I felt this wave of power wash over me like I’ve never felt. I felt like I was going to explode, like I was dripping power. Next thing Inknow about a dozen or so little black beetles come scurrying out of the spine of that bible, they crawling over my hands and the pages and it freaked me out for a second but I felt so powerful I shrugged it off and rode the wave so to speak. After it was all over I felt exhausted but excited at the same time. I was hooked after that. The curse was successful as well, the guy I cursed went through a lot of bad stuff in about a 6 month span of time a lot of illness and general bad luck.

I never saw anything else crawl out of that bible before or after that, I used to keep it in my pocket for a long time like a talisman of sorts. It still has a special place in my book collection.

Dear Ultra Mega Chicken,

I couldn’t resist sharing my story on this thread. Sinata, very cool post lady! You’ve got to figure out the chalk moving technique and share!!
Like Sinata, I have a different approach to the occult. I didn’t get into this because I wanted power. I became an occultist after everything else failed to explain the power I possessed and the experiences I was having.

I was living at my grandparents home in Irving Texas. I was 33, and found myself living at their house rebuilding my recently ruined life. Now my grandparents house is no ordinary house, as they are not ordinary people. It’s a porthole to a spiritual realm. My grandfather is an active Mason, and my grandmother is a practicing Pentecostal. They have decorated their house with enough “religious symbols” to teach an occult 101 class. On top of that the alignment of doorways, and mirrors in their hallway makes it an easy jump point for any astral adventures.
Leading up to this story were many nights of astral projection. Conversations with my grandfather in the spirit. Endlessly staring at the mirror while observing my body lying on the bed. The three of us remember very vividly the night I hovered over my grandparents bed, out of body! Yeah, it was really like that just about every damn night of the week!

So the story goes:

I was laying in bed partially out of body. I had been experiencing clairaudience in the form of live music just as I was entering theta trance. This time I heard country. Solo acoustic guitar, country. I fucking hated country music at this time! I was like what the hell! Turn off this damn music!! Then it got louder and I heard the lyrics “better not leave your body unattended, or we will take it away”. Huh, woah, wtf? I felt pure uncontrollable fear at this point. Coming out of sleep paralysis I rolled over to find little old man dressed in white sitting on my window seal. Holding and strumming an old acoustic guitar, wearing a cowboy hat and shining with moon light was a little old wizard. I asked him if he would go away and stop playing that shitty music.

He said, “No! I will not go away or be quite until you listen to what I have to say. Do not leave your body unattended, or unprotected lest something greater than you take it while you’re away. Go buy a quartz in the morning and keep it with you at all times. Also keep this symbol to protect your self.” He showed me a star, formed from one line. A pentagram, though it wasn’t facing up, nor was it facing down. It was colored silver with indigo and violet sparks around it. He spoke with me about other subjects, though I do not remember them at this time. As he faded away in light and I rolled back over to sleep, I heard a woman’s voice confirm to me to buy a quartz and tattoo a pentagram on my body. She also told me to speak with spirits by projecting near lakes and in graveyards.

So much happened that night. In an instant I transformed. No longer was I willing to accept manufactured explanations over the out of body experience. Science, philosophy and religion had failed to sufficiently explain these mysteries to me. I was living as an agnostic and happy in my atheistic-rational mindset. I had not taken magick or spirituality very seriously for a long time. What use were spirits, ghosts and fairies. Nonsense! I thought that shit was for whack jobs, and dumb asses. People without a rational mind or critical thinking skills. I had no time for eternity or things of the spirit in my neatly rationalized life. Just money, liqour, sex and music. But that night changed me. Even more than the countless nights of astral projection and lucid dreaming. It was that experience that caused me to pursue magick, to explain what the fuck was going on around me. I wanted to know the identity of these beings. I wanted to know what could take my body. I wanted to know why I needed a fucking quartz crystal and a pentagram tattoo! And most of all I wanted to know why in the Fuck I was seeing spirits like they were real live people! Jesus titty-fucking Christ am I a paranoid-schizophrenic?

From that day on I have been on a quest that I now refer to as waking up the god within myself. I started at the local pagan shop, hearing tales of make-believe, coincidence and utter bullshit. Talking to know nothings, and reading the most irrational books I’ve ever come across. Half the time I felt dumber for having read those new age books, the other half was me piecing together fragments of truth and reconciling them with my ongoing experience. I had one false teacher tell me “nothing in the spirit world can harm you, they just want to teach you, and enlighten you.” It’s all love, fairy dust, and estrogen! Grrrr…bullshit…Bullshit…BULLSHIT…and more Bullshit… Finally after a year of questing I heard an interview with EA Koetting. He was working on BOA and the BALG website. He was the very first “occultist” that made any sense at all. It’s been a year and a half since I first heard him speak, and I think that transformation has been pretty well documented here in the forum. Thanks for indulging me with a place to share my story!

Zekariah 555

"it’s all love, fairy dust, and estrogen!"