What is your magickal routine?

Hi everyone, i would like to know what is your magickal routine?
Each day, i use a mantra from the book : vashikaran magic of Baal Kadmon. And a technic for a self possession describe by a member : Sultitan_Itan
I do it 2 or three time by day. That technic comes from Frank Rudolf Young.
And i use too when i perform a magickal ritual : invocation of Omnipotence from E.A.
I observ my thinking often. And you?


I wake up before sunrise, give adoration to the Dawn(Waabano) and then present myself to the Manitous of the other three directions.
Also, currently implementing the Temple of Ascending Flame Introductory course materials with Sigil Meditations, Kundalini Chakra workings ie, breathing and focusing, and my own pathworking through the underworld before sleep.


Generally I chant 100 of the enns of Lucifer and Belial as well as 100 of Jason Millers Hekate mantra either at morning or high noon depending on when I wake up and my work. At night I sometimes do 100 more, and some Neigong, most often microcosmic orbit and Dantian breathing. Should incorporate the chakras at some point into the daily routine