What is your level of experience?

Just wondering what “level” others here at at. (Yeah not the best word to use I know, but I’m not sure how to better put it, haha.) It seems there are members here anywhere from complete beginners to advanced occultists, and everything in the middle. I realize of course that really there is no one true measure of where we are other than where we view ourselves, and that there is never any true point of being as far as possible. Still though I think the question still applies.

For myself, I am obviously at the level of very beginner newbie.

I’m a beginner. Of course, I’m not sure what exactly marks ones; for lack of a better term, “status” so you might be way ahead of me, or maybe not. All I’m sure of is that I don’t feel like I’m very far on this path of mine; but I’ll get there at my own pace.

Not a beginner, been into the occult since 12 years of age when I began having these “pulling” feeling in my chest that lead me towards books that should not be there in a bookstore. Like finding my first manual of magick (armchair author, not worth mentioning, the kind that goes "oh to turn into a werewolf you just need to get a wolf skin from the Devil! Just like the archives of the Inquisition from the Middle Ags suggests! I know!) in a strictly Christian bookstore.

Then, as of today, few of the things I’ve done:

  • Made 2 people die after setting a curse on them, confirmed kills, no “well I haven’t seen them since then, so I guess they croaked it by my design!”.

  • Made people find jobs and progress in their lives by either following my methods (common methods you find all over BALG, doesn’t make me special in any way) or after doing some ritual for them.

  • Had successful spirit comunication and had things done for me. To the point of one spirit (Marbas, the lion headed president of engineers, healing and wasting curses) tell me “I want a drink from this specific store” and finding there are ONLY drinks with a lion head as logo.

Then later, Marbas said I should start body building, and as I was passing from a very known street to me, he told me to “look”. I peek over my shoulder and I realize there is a new shop in town, one dedicated to fitness WHOSE LOGO IS THAT OF A LION’S HEAD WEARING A CROWN. I used to call Marbas “King Marbas” all of the time, because I felt I should, even though the Goetia specifies him in the rank of Presidents… Talk about coincidence, huh?

Now, I want you to keep in mind something VERY important: All which I have achieved I could’ve done WAY SOONER had I established a strict routine for me. I don’t mean a 1 daily hour for the occult and such, I mean the attitude. Pursuing after dreams like Koetting.

You can check my posts history to find the exact date when I joined, and you WILL notice how stuck I was with summoning spirits, and how many GIGANTIC LEAPS I’ve taken since I joined BALG. I wasn’t like that before.

No wonder these people and their shared experiences have helped me get so incredibly far, no wonder Koetting’s courses have undoubtedly contributed for this, but you must focus on the catalyst of all this: Will. Intent.

As Koetting worded it in one of his courses, without intent nothing happens. Most people stare at the scrying mirror EXPECTING the visions to come by themselves, or most people call upon the spirit with nothing in mind except validation. I don’t disrespect them, mind you, I was exactly as them, but what I mean to say is:

  • You COMMAND the mirror to show you WHAT YOU WANT. Not images appealing to what you’d like to see happen, no, I mean you DEMAND ANSWERS from it. When you LOOK WITH INTENT IS WHEN YOU SEE, because setting the intent is directing your eyes to WHERE they need to see.

  • You CALL the spirit WITH A PURPOSE. Not with a “well let it appear first, and then I can talk and see if soemthing happens”. THAT is what makes magick possible. THE WILL.

I know you could say “but you should first try methods!” True, but the traditional scientific methods don’t apply fully here. This isn’t striking two stones together and seeing what happens, here the spark is produced by willing it into existence. I know it sounds far fetched, and a perfect way to excuse one’s self from the question of “well why it didn’t work for me? just because I didn’t believe in it?”


You lift boxes with your muscles because musclepower is what you need for that job. The job of making magick requires of the mind, so guess what you need? Yep, “mindpower”, and we all know I am talking about WILL here :smiley: .

So, if you want to progress? You can. You need no validation, you need no demonic lord or archangel to give you their blessing. You just need to want it.

Remember that phrase that says “before you learn how to walk you must learn how to crawl”? I used to think of it as a deprecative statement towards the beginners, that it was a phrase used to negatively reinforce the dependance of the newbie towards the veteran…

But no, it actually holds a secret meaning, mostly because the phrase is incomplete:

“Before you learn how to walk you need to learn how to crawl, SO WHEN YOU REALIZE THIS SUCKS BALLS YOU’LL BE SO ANGRY YOU’LL STAND UP”.

So really, by all means, if you think of yourself as a beginner? Just go “nah fuck it, I WILL BECOME A MASTER”. And heck, before you’ve even notice you’ll be it.

Best wishes,


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I have been a magician now for 19 years, since I was very young. I have many family members that are atheist, agnostic, or wiccan so I have studied almost every religion out there. Growing up, one of my friends moms taught me the basics of white magick behind my parents back. I was dabbling at the time but felt comfortable telling my friend about my interest and she then told me her mom was a practicioner of white magick, so she and her mom helped train me to an extent, getting me started.

I have experience with Alexandrian, Dianic, Norse, Faerie, and Celtic types of witchcraft. Also studied Shamanism and Native American Traditions as well as more modernized versions of “Voodoo”. Just everything I could get my hands on as I have always been eclectic. I have done black magick in the past, on multiple occasions since I was about 16 but was always surrounded by wiccans who discouraged it. So I’m not new to black magick perse, but I am new to labeling myself as a black magician who follows the Left Hand path whereas, in the past, I simply called myself an eclectic witch or eclectic sorcerer because I cannot stick with one type of magick, I enjoy everything so eclectic is suiting but the principles and values of the Left Hand path fit me perfectly as compared to other titles.

I am intermediate to advanced with tarot. I consider myself an expert with herbology, crystals, gemstones, and mojo bags. I am advanced with spell writing, creating my own spells or complicated rituals that get actual results. I am good at getting results with white magick spells and techniques, especially candle magick, but I just prefer black magick because no one scolds me for doing spells to help myself. As for clairvoyance exercises so far, the only real effective ones as far as lasting impressions go, are the ones I have been learning from E.A. I have always been highly intuitive but am just now to the point where I have learned to trust my instincts without doubt.

As 33 mentioned, for beginners, no it’s not necessary to have a counselor, guru, or veteran magician teach you. Sure, I had some help when I was first getting started with magick as a child because I could sense that magick was real, I refused to believe what everyone teaches their children, that as you age the magic within you must also fade. So I wanted to make sure I started learning from a veteran that could teach me the differences between real magick and fake Hollywood-ized bullshit. But from that point on, I taught myself everything I know.

Growing up in mostly smaller christian-ized brainwashed towns where the real magicians hid for fear of being treated indifferently, losing their apartments or jobs, or even being physically harmed, I learned very quickly that it is very difficult to find other magicians in towns like these, well at least before the internet was widely available in everyone’s home. And I am a knowledge seeker so I refuse to settle for answers like “Because it just is” or “Because we said so that’s why” or the ideas of accepting things based solely on blind faith, so when I want an answers, I keep seeking until I find it. You can do the same if you are new to magick, but I am always happy to help those who have questions if I know the answers because I understand how frustrating truth seeking can become.

The other day I was thinking I was about to give up on seeking further enlightenment and just accept what I already know because my searches for the last few questions I had were getting me nowhere. So I asked one of the demons I work with regularly to help me, guide me to the answers I seek. Sure enough, as soon as I gave up searching I was watching youtube and clicked on a video looking to see if anyone else can do the Hollywood-ized demon possession voices as good as I can (which I only do to mess with friends who try to convert me, LOL) which lead me to several other videos and by accident I found BALG and many questions I had been seeking answers to for years, were suddenly answered by Eric so I was lead here.