What is your interpretation of Magick to you?

To me Magick is a system of different branches. I know many say it’s a believe system but I do not believe that it is. I think it’s the different aspects we learn throughout our journey. I can be wrong but this is a personal thought.

Magick is the art and science of changing yourself and your reality in conformity to your will.

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And is your will but a branch of the system you used? Being it divination, clairvoyance or tapping into your god like power. I am just curious.

Will comes from within. Will is what you desire. What you want. You change your life in accordance with what you want to happen


Magick is a way to transform yourself, and through that self transformation and harnessing of occult energies, creating a new world around you, suitable to meeting you wishes and needs. Magick is a torch and a sword, illuminating the way ahead, cutting down obstacles, and conquering the world around you.