What is your greatest magickal feats?

Let us bathe in our pride! what is your Greatest accomplishment or ability with magick?

I’ll start with mine which would be simply willing what I want without needing a ritual. No altar, No tools, No visualization.
Just willing what I want and getting it.

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So far nearly doubling my income from 8 an hour to 15 an hour. Made it alot easier to explore my practice. One big goal i got is Working to either double it again or shift my yearly income into my quarterly income.

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I’ve had some incredible feats on accident like

  • Doing a powerful ritual of air with Lucifer to the point I levitated in front of two of my coven members.

  • Working with electrokinesis then I blew my street light up because the static shocks in the energy ball I made were out of control pointed it away from myself it was pointing to a street light it blew.

  • Made someone have a panick attack by staring at someone with the intent to install mass fear.

These are the incredible feats I made intentionally

  • Escaped my abusive father

  • Got rid of a person if you catch my drift

  • Controlled people in ways they would never act.

  • Thought about a ritual so much the mere contemplating manifested my goal.

  • Evoked a entity to such a manifestation it could touch me like physical matter.

  • Broke my father’s arm, neck and legs just by mediating on him the " Accident ", happened that night.

  • I can now read people perfectly without any tools.

  • I can do any ritual without the nessercary tools and equipment and it works exactly the same.

  • Been possessed by Azazel and learnt like a years worth of magick knowledge in an hour.

  • Travelled into my past during soul travel and perfectly described scenarios which shouldn’t know.

And many many more.


You are indeed a living god.


Aren’t we all brother every single one of us something we must never forget.


I made the speakers stop working because I didn’t like what someone was talking about.


What do you mean sis ?


Someone was doing a speech about a Topic which was going to encourage people to do stupid stuff. So I made the speakers stop working. Not just turn off, but dead. They had to get new speakers.


That’s dope


That’s awesome xD

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I mean I did have experiences that blew my mind, but the thing I am most proud of (aside from my efficient death curse method) is this:

I removed some mental blockages, and as a consequence, doors of many possibilities opened up to me.

i have this thing i don’t know how to really explain like if I get mad or really irritated at someone i sprout these wing like aura wings in my mind or something (like black angel wings) and when they’re full spread and open bad stuff happens to the other person and I can’t control it to happen like make them come when I’m mad or just whenever.

Sounds cool

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These are not my " greatest " but most unexpected and strange.

I was overweight, ugly and bullied in school so bad and got my ass beat everyday. I wanted to be skinny so bad I cast a spell- all my will was there, all the pain, rage hate etc. Within 2 months I was down to 64 lbs and scared the fuck out of me because I almost died. The spell gave me will power and I took it too far.

My old boss at a previous job sexually harassed me and also degraded me daily for 12 years. Once we were upstairs and he brought me to tears and I channeled all my anger and hatred again - he fell down 16 stairs (he was at the top telling at me blocking me from going down)

Same boss, hated with a passion, laid off a whole shift due to money being tight and bought a new Saab and Cadillac that same week. I visioned him getting in an accident and he did - but he got a new one shortly after.


I should probably work on controlling it and sometimes if I feel endanger they will come out to protect me (I’m not bsing this)

Ooo Just remembered a time this dick head was bothering me so I visualized an Astral sword being rammed into his chest and then he started coughing violently :joy: sweet sweet revenge :joy:


My most immediately impressive must have been using rage to call forth elemental wind and blow away someone’s 3 man tent who I was angry at (this was on a calm day and the tent had several bags etc. inside)

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Can you tell how you created that powerful electrokinesis blast?

When I was younger and didn’t know anything about magic, I used to attract a lot of things just with my intention,or the power that I had in my mind,don’t know how to describe it.
I remember days when I had visions of me finding a specific amount of money in a specific place in the street, and the reality was coming out exactly as I envisioned it.
I remember days when i was with my friends and we didn’t have enough money for cigarettes,and i was saying to them “be patient,we will find something in the street” and after we walked a little bit we found the money we needed. I could also attract a lot of specific situations,many girls,it was really crazy. I was enjoying my life so much back then,but now it makes me sad because i don’t like my life right now and i can’t attract anything good. Things changed.
I don’t know if these situations can be considered as magick,but this is the Success that i had without anything else,just with my mind.
And i came into this forum because it’s the only place where I feel that I can find people to help me bring back this thing that I had.

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