What is your favorite video course from BALG?

Hey there! I saw that for all of June BALG courses are going to be available for 50% off, and I was just curious what all of your favorite courses are to help me decide which one to get.


i only have 2 of them, but his evocation course is my favorite

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It’s a hard choice for me between the evocation course and the soul travel course. I can’t pick a favourite :slight_smile:


Also in relation to the latest video on EA’s channel (where there is one of his recent “reductions” about the necessity of begin with Divination), I haven’t bought any but I would choose Mastering Evocation.
As of now (at least) anyway I’d follow it without circle, candles nor incense.

I thinking of getting the soul travel course.

I think I’m going to get soul travel and Norse patchworking