What is your favorite incense burner?

Dear BALG Community,

I’m starting to collect the items needed to do a full evocation of a spirit and I’m looking to buy incense burners.

Does anyone have a favorite one that could wholeheartedly recommend?


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I like a ceramic/metal bowl with sand in it. That way you can choose any design of container you like.

Place a self-lighting charcoal disk on the sand and light it. You sprinkle incense on it and each one lasts about an hour.
Alternatively, if you get the sticks you can just pop them in the sand and the same bowl works for both.

Mine’s actually a repurposed black rectangular ‘Mame’ bonsai pot that came with an orchid in it, and that died but the pot makes a great incense holder.
Looks a lot like this Unglazed Bonsai Pots