What is your favorite Chakra to manifest things from?

Most of us stick with EAs method of chakra Meditation where he tells you to focus 90% of your Consciousness on your Ajna and 10% on your Muladhara in order to generate power to manifest.

I was experimenting with this and did two things.
I first turned my Ajna Inward so i could target various blocks within myself amd destroy them.
The result was a smooth flow of power through my body.

I then Applied the Same technique to my Manipura.


The result was completely different. I did the same thing and the power was forced from my manipura, through my body and up my spine. I was on the bus and my body was forced to curve back on itself lol.

Then I went for my root Chakra. The result was alot of Lust, Greed, and…Lust :joy:

So, what chakras do you prefer manifesting from, explain why, and what were your experiences with them?

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It depends for what purpose. If I want enlightenment and I wanted to draw energy from a chakra I’d pick the third eye or crown, for obvious associations.


All of them. Spells done with kunda yoga utilizes all the chakras and the div you are working. The energy rush during and after grounding it is a trip :joy:

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I don’t use chakras, in magick… but I use Muladhara when my congenital knees problems lift the ugly head, plus prithvi mudra, grounding, and SHA mudra from kuji kiri. It’s give nice results, pain passes away.

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