What is your experience with summoning demons into your dreams

To get answers from them regarding your question? And how did u do it?

I haven’t summoned any demons into my dreams

I have asked a few entities to communicate with me in dreams.

Most recent example was where someone showed up in my dream (a physical person) and happened to be thinking and playing around with something relating to what I had shared at the time

They were showing me a sigil in the dream and told me it was a God name

I’m still searching for it… but have found similar

My dreams just tend to run straighter than the ordinary dream when there’s a message being communicated I think :thinking:

About 25 years ago without planning it I had a dream where I summoned a demon. He was multicolored; I asked him if Hell existed, he replied yes and that it was as much “tormenting” as he was.

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