What is your belief on existence

Okay share with the forum your belief’s on what existence is, what it’s made of, how it came into being, what came before it.

Things of this nature for example, i believe all realms and worlds are real external places but also exist within me for i believe i as a emanation of the ’ all ’ so to speak all creation is also within me, this is honestly one of my belief not my one and only belief but i digress.

So what about you ?.


Yeah, pretty much the same, that the mind of the All contains all things, me included, but also, that I’m as one with it, so therefore they’re linked to me.

I flip between treating things as within me, and within “external” reality, regularly.


Yeah exactly the same here, what about your belief on creation.

Parent race. DNA tampering. Hybrids. Christ implants. Wheel of life. Ascension. Take one story…change the names in diff languages…but our story is all the same really…


To become +++Depolarize.

Annihilation of self. To be…god

The All wanted to experience things, and this is one of the ways to do so, to split into seemingly separate aspects and interact with each other.

Like playing chess with yourself, and finding ways to forget how the other side is playing its tactics, or, as The Kybalions says, like an author having fictional characters in their mind, each going along the lines of their character and so on.


I don’t think a ton about the nature of existence, because I get too bogged down with being frustrated about the fact that I’ve been forced to participate in the physical biological Being game. And I also reject the concept that I chose to play before I was born to learn some lesson.

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I believe that all worlds as you stated are actual places externally. I do not think ALL the worlds are in places within ourselves but are connected to our brains. To many people to have the same world be in so many places. Especially our world. The dimensions where time and space are not bound to the same rules as the earthly are capable of being tapped into by us individually. Once the connection is made to that world the energy you connect with now is capable of giving us a direct link to that other dimension. I am not sure but I do believe our brains create neuro pathways that connect to specific entities and realms which would explain how the connection becomes better, faster, and exponentially more clear.

But then why can we see these other dimensions if they are not actually within us, if not astral projecting or soul traveling? Likely we are capable of receiving the information from the collective consciousness, and can communicate through it using our pineal gland. The pineal creates the images we need to illustrate the information being injected into our mind. Same with the communication aspect of the experiences. With the visualization along with the 5 physical senses being triggered we create a perfect canvas and astral project ourselves to that world if we would like to. On a different take we may be very well linked our very being to that world and what I would call an astral teleportation based on the law quantum entanglement. It may very well be a minut part of us does visit this place, which can give us a direct link to the collective consciousness and our brains receive the information from the pineal gland thus creating the images required for our brain to make sense of it in ways that our 3dimensional minds can understand…

Jesus I have no idea what I just said lmao. It makes sense to me but to depict my thought process on this post is impossible :joy:

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Makes complete sense to my abstract ass!!! Love itttttt

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Lolol thank you. One thing i can say for sure is that the answers are deep within the Quantum Mechanics

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I think we’re living in the dream of an entity. Its mind created this plane and a pre-determined number of possibilities for all things living in its dream. Outside our plane, there are plenty others, with an infinite number of possibilities for what, where, when, how and other questions we can’t even imagine, where things are/were/will be one/many/nothing whenever and however they want.

Each stars and planet in the universe is a portal to another plane, and some energy of this plane “leaks” to us through this star/planet, and sometimes, entities/demons/gods/angels/spirits come to us (because they can, since they don’t belong to this plane they don’t have to bend to its rules). When we die, we reincarnate on this plane, except if we ascend and escape this dream that is not ours to live our own.

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Obviously our views are different but I like the part of energy “leaking” from one world to another. I do believe just as DNA is constructed it also is extremely similar in a spiral concept of existence as a whole.

In the video made in the mid 90s called The Power of 10, you see that if you start at a point on the Earth and pull the image back 10x10, 10 times, it looks exactly when you then zoom inward through a microscope 10x. Its incredible! But it makes perfect sense. When you zoom in it looks like worlds. Protons and nutrons revolve around the atom, we rovolve around the sun along with the other planets, the universe’s revolve around solar system, and so on and so on and so on and so on. So to say pieces of worlds go into new ones thus forming a creation of some kind, makes a lot of sense.

Yes people sorry if youre like oh man, magick isnt just magick, sorry but its science. Herbalist turned into the pharmaceutical industry, healing turned into medical, and etc. Its a matter of time before quantum gets the attention it deserves, then our practice will be in text books.


Pretty much what I believe

Similar enough to some of your beliefs, there’s a theory called the multiverse theory(or something along those lines - I’m pretty bad at recalling names); basically, all forms of media, whether it be books, video games, etc. even our very own thoughts and fantasies, all exist in their own worlds. Now here’s where it starts to vary: some people say it exists because we thought of it, ie. “I think therefore I am.” Some say that those worlds have always existed and that there are no original thoughts - that somehow, someway, an author or designer was ‘sent’ the idea of that certain world, and proceeded to make a book or show about it. And some say a whole lot of other stuff; the multiverse theory is pretty flexible, and people add or subtract parts of it depending on their experiences.

Also, have any of you read “The Egg” by Andy Weir? It’s a short story in which time is relative and we’re actually all one being. You, me, 16th century Chinese peasant girl, French noble, your neighbor, etc. We’re all one. “We” live out lives over and over in an attempt to achieve godhood, and ascend. Eventually, after all lives possible have been lived, we attain permanent godhood as one being. Pretty interesting stuff and adds a whole lot of meaning to the word “brother.”

As for my personal beliefs, all I know is that I don’t know anything. I’ll get back to you in about 20 years’ time. Still pretty confused.

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Sounds very accurate


i believe that this is a chess board and someone is controlling the peons ( christians and the others brainwashed religions ) just to bother the rest of the people lol.

the peons are the majority in the chess board but they arent the ones with true power,but they can bark

while i can bite

and thats where the sheep is killed by the wolf.

I’ve seen the nature of existence. Wrote about it in another thread…

This doesn’t quite cover realms, etc. I am fairly certain those are all allegorical/metaphorical for various aspects of consciousness. It’s the only way we can grasp the concepts at this time.

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My belief on existence is simple: nicotine, caffeine, herb and top-shelf alcohol. I don’t over indulge on alcohol any more and haven’t for years. I’m heavily addicted to nicotine and caffeine – in that order. I take both first thing in the morning. Doing this proves to me that I actually exist, because there’s nothing quite like those first, hard hits in the morning to get me focused upon the issues which arise from me regaining more fully functional consciousness. After a couple of cold brew coffees with milk and ice cubes and fine Virginia based pipe tobacco I know that I exist. I have a cold shower. While that’s happening there’s no doubt, no doubt whatsoever that I exist.

I enjoy the what’s referred to in Chapter 177 of Liber Aleph by Crowley, but that’s an off and on again thing. Anyway, I’m doing Magick and enjoying what I can while I can as it’ll get busy soon – before I cease to exist.


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We will mourn your passing, chicken-little. :heart_eyes_cat:

Coffee’s good though, hell yes, even the defender of Midgard likes a brew, best thing to ever come out of the Middle East in my opinion!

They should just have made a religion from that and left all the other stuff alone, I reckon. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think I’m correct in saying that one of the very earliest, if not the earliest recorded prayers was to a Beer Goddess. When you learnt it by heart you knew how to brew beer.

As for me passing over, don’t cry for me Argentina or anyone else for that matter. But when I go, do this in remembrance of me: 500miligrams of caffeine (tablets) washed down with a single coffee. Then just burn some tobacco - on a charcoal block will do just fine if you don’t smoke. When you get jittery and your heart starts pounding know that I am with you!


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Liber Aleph’s chapters are titled with Greek letters, AFAIK, but I’m going to assume you’re talking about the Grass of the Arab, also used by al-Hassan ibn-al-Sabbah, the Old Man of the Mountain?