What IS voodoo?

I’ve looked online, but I want to know from people who practice voodoo, what it exactly is. I know for different people it’s different, so I’m looking to learn and understand for many people of this practice. How similar is it to other practices?

I’m trying to learn a little bit of everything. ^ . ^

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Connecting with your ancestors who have RAW power, blurring the lines between reality and hallucination quite vividly, connecting to the source in a intense albiet almost unnerving level.


What specifically do you want to know about it? It is one of the African religions brought to the New World by African slaves, mostly from the Dahomy region of Africa. It has different branches (Haitian, 21 Divisions, New Orleans). Each branch is similar but very different from each other. They all use singing, dancing and drumming to induce trance possession so you may interact directly with the spirits.