What is universe b?

I remember reading from a couple sources that at the top/bottom of the qlipoth is a gateway to universe b. The question is what is it? An alternate dimension or something akin to lady Eva’s block world post where reality is remade via observation?

Not sure but, I believe your avatar is a gateway to unimaginable horrors…and delicious pudding, so there’s always that option.

The things I’ll sacrifice for some puddin pops


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Da’ath would be a better explanation, as empyrean said, than the top or bottom of the trees. The realms above the trees are much different than those below, definitely not the same place.

lmao. I think Universe B is the sphere of Daath related as the gateway between the two trees. I found this article


Thanks, tho I’m starting to think that there’s is something related to pudding in all of this… avatar Cosby, the Pudding One… it all makes sense now…